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At this point, quite a few people have claimed that Teen Mom 2’s David Eason is abusive to the people around him.

We’ve heard it in court documents from his exes, from Jenelle Evans’ family, and even from Jenelle herself.

One of the most heartbreaking stories – probably the most – about David’s alleged violence happened last year.

That’s when Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith, had Kaiser, the son he shares with the MTV star, for the weekend.

After discovering bruises on the young child’s backside, he refused to hand the boy back over to Jenelle.

It was a great big mess, we’ll review the details in a moment, but right now, let’s get into the new part of the story.

Which is that Nathan has finally shared photos of what he claims David did to Kaiser during that fateful time.

And they are simply heartbreaking.

UPDATE: In a brutal and truly shocking response, David accused Nathan of raping a 10-year-old. [Story developing.]