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Lindsay Lohan loves to take selfies. Unfortunately, years of heavy drinking and hard drug use have taken their toll on the LiLo’s face, body and mind.

You might think that her dramatic loss of IQ points wouldn’t really matter, because you can’t see stupidity in an Instagram pic.

Unfortunately, Lohan likes to use Photoshop, and her ravaged brain – which we assume is so coated in cocaine at this point that it resembles a powdered donut – doesn’t allow her to realize when she’s posted some unintentionally hilarious gold on social media.

Most of the time, Lindsay just warps her own body until she looks like some sort of surrealist painting or a rejected prototype for Eight-Ball Barbie.

But sometimes, she tries to retouch herself into a better person and and awkwardly ‘shops her own face into a photo of people doing charity work

Whatever her goal, the girl needs to take a class or two before she tries to fool us again. Or at least she should only drink half a liter of vodka before she edits her pics. She can save the other half as a reward for when she’s done. Desert!