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Joanna Krupa is more than just a stunningly beautiful model, though that alone is impressive enough (and she is truly stunning).

The 5’7″ Polish-born American is also a reality star thanks to The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing With The Stars.

She’s also an actress, having had roles on scripted television shows like Las Vegas and CSI as well as multiple films.

Most importantly, Joanna is an animal rights activist.

Krupa has participated in campaigns for PETA, using her striking looks to protest animal cruelty on an industrial scale.

She’s posed in basically nothing but body paint to encourage lawmakers to ban circus animals from being tormented.

And she’s demonstrated that she’s not afraid to bare all to get her point across. Not all heroes wear capes, right?

Some, in fact, don’t wear anything. Though Joanna Krupa looks as dazzling in clothing as out of it, to be honest.

But why take our word to it? Take a look at some of her most gorgeous looks of all time and see what we mean.