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When you really think about it, it’s impressive:

Just when we thought Jenelle Evans had humiliated herself in every possible way, she discovers a new and bizarre method for making herself look like a damn fool.

As you probably already know, Jenelle has been feuding with Kailyn Lowry for years.

And you’re probably also aware that her animosity toward Kail has caused Jenelle to engage in some behavior that’s truly bonkers — even by Jenelle Evans standards.

But Jenelle’s latest attempt at revenge might be her most bizarre and hilariously misguided to date.

The whole thing is classic Jenelle – pointlessly mean-spirited, potentially dangerous, embarrassingly try-hard, and above all, very, very dumb.

And, stop us if you’ve heard this one, it may even get her in trouble with the law.

Take a look: