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When most people post something to social media, it’s for the amusement of a few hundred (or thousand, if you’re really popular) friends and followers, and after an hour or so in the spotlight, it will be forgotten and dredged up each year by your Facebook memory generator.

But for celebrities, a single Instagram vote can generate millions of views, remain in viral circulation for weeks  – and earn major bucks.

These days, advertisers are resorting to increasingly desperate measures in their never-ending effort to get eyes on their product logos, and often this means shelling out for a pop singer or reality star to hawk their wares on social media.

It’s not hard to see why both parties like the arrangement.

Kylie Jenner has 50 million Instagram followers, which means that every day, more people see her posts than any show on television.

So that’s why advertisers are so attracted to the ‘Gram, but what do the celebs get out of it? Well, out-of-this world paychecks, for one thing.

Check out the list below, and you may find yourself feeling more forgiving the next time your favorite star posts a shameless piece of sponsored content: