Game of Thrones Season 8 Photos: Smile, Jon Snow!

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The beginning of the end is nearly here.

And while Game of Thrones fans around the world are feeling all the feels as a result, HBO is now giving them something to think about instead of worry about:

Brand new Season 8 photos!

In the collection below, we see that giving it to Dany hasn't exactly brightened Jon Snow's mood, while Brienne and Tyrion look as serious and ponderous as ever.

Another set of photos features Sansa Stark getting her bread bowl on  --and Cersei Lannister with a sly smile across her face. She scares us. Always.

1. Daenerys at Winterfell

Daenerys at Winterfell
Talk about a major change of scenery. Daenerys will arrive at Winterfell on Season 8.

2. Bran is Back!

Bran is Back!
Bran has been off, doing his own Three-Eyed Raven thing for awhile. He'll play a key Season 8 role.

3. Stoic Snow

Stoic Snow
You won't believe this, but Jon will have a lot on his mind and be very stoic on Season 8.

4. I Love Incest!

I Love Incest!
Dany doesn't smile often. But she appears downright smitten here after having had sex with Jon Snow.

5. Advisor Extraordinnaire

Advisor Extraordinnaire
Tyrion will be doing a great deal of advising on the final season of Game of Thrones. But will he be advising the new queen?

6. Brienne of Awesomeness

Brienne of Awesomeness
Look out, all evil doers. Brienne of Tarth does not look happy in this Season 8 scene.

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