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If you’re familiar with the Duggars, then you’re no doubt aware that the Counting On clan is a lightning rod for controversy.

Jim Bob and Michelle are almost as well-known for their ultra-strict religious beliefs as for the massive size of their brood.

However, you may not be familiar with the specifics of Jim Bob Duggar’s controversial belief system.

The enormity of the family and the particulars of its members’ worldviews are not unrelated, of course.

The Duggars belong to a controversial non-denominational organization that encourages its followers to have as many children as physically possible.

But the bizarre and often dangerous teachings of the Quiverfull movement don’t stop there.

In recent years, many fans have wondered how such a devout family could have sheltered a predator as monstrous as Josh.

Of course, there’s no easy answer to that question, but as with everything else in the Duggars’ lives, religion played a key role in the making of the repeat sex offender who has become Jim Bob’s greatest shame. 

In the gallery below, we’ll explore the Duggars’ most deeply-held convictions as well as the ways in which they were contorted into justifications for enabling Josh and torturing poor Jana.

Even if you count yourself among the diehard Duggar faithful, you may be surprised to learn exactly what drives reality TV’s most controversial family.