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These days, there are more shows than you can even count.

With all the different networks and means of binging on TV, it’s an embarrassment of riches for the fans … and for the actors and actresses.

Just as the sheer number of television programs grows by the year, the bank accounts of the stars are growing too. By, like, a lot. 

We pay a pretty penny for our entertainment, apparently. Or many pennies. Millions upon millions of them if you want to get technical.

Okay, so technically advertisers and networks pay those pennies, but who’s paying the networks and buying the products, you know?

When the principal cast of The Big Bang Theory negotiated $1 million per episode in the not so distant past, that dominated headlines.

And rightfully so. But remarkably enough, Kaley, Johnny and Jim didn’t even top the list of the 35 highest paid TV stars of 2015. 

Who does? Proceed to find out. It’s a shocker, for sure …