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With 11 Oscar nominations, the Emma Stone led flick, Poor Things, is poised to have a big finish, just like the ending to the movie itself.

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, the film is up for big awards including Best Picture and Best Actress for Stone.

If you’re just getting around to watching the flick, you might have a lot of questions about it, so let’s dive into everything to know about Poor Things.

Emma Stone as Bella Baxter in ‘Poor Things’ (Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.)

What Is ‘Poor Things’ About?

Based, on the 1992 novel by Alasdair Gray, the movie is part Frankenstein-twist, part modern art, part black comedy. The film focuses on Bella Baxter, played by Emma Stone. Bella is a young woman in Victorian London who, after attempting to kill herself, is resurrected via a brain transplant by eccentric surgeon Godwin Baxter.

From there, the odd film follows Bella’s journey to figure out not only to be human, but more important, how to be a woman. The journey is filled with varying confrontations with men played by Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Ramy Youssef, and Jerrod Carmichael. Each relationship teaches her something different and each relationship ends with varying degrees of … weird.

Where To Stream ‘Poor Things’ Online

Poor Things made its streaming debut on March 7, 2024 exclusively on Hulu, just days before the Oscars.

Most likely, the producers are hoping that, should the show win big on Sunday, folks will flock to the streamer for the chance to watch it.

And if/when they do, there might be a bit of confusion about the ending – so let’s dive into that now.

Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things,’ a role that garnered her an Oscar nomination in 2024. (Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.)

‘Poor Things’ Ending, Explained

Poor Things’ ending is happy, so to speak, for Emma Stone’s wild character. Fans were particularly interested in how the film wrapped things up as the story goes beyond Gray’s book ending. 

After leaving Max at the alter to learn about her previous life, the one she lost after trying to kill herself. She learns that when she was Victoria, not Bella, she was married to Alfie Blessington, a cruel and sadistic man.

It becomes clear that Bella’s new life more suits her than her old one, and so, having inherited the lab and mansion from the late Godwin, Bella transplants a goat’s brain into Alfie’s head, thus securing her freedom. 

The last scene fins Bella triumphant, living a life well suited to her. She’s hunkered don in a comfy chair int he garden, sipping a cocktail, and chatting with her friends Toinette housekeeper Mrs Prim, “sister” Felicity, and Max, who has returned to her. 

Of course, we’re simplifying a lot about the story, so if you’re interest is at all piqued, you should definitely watch the film in full on Hulu!