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Sutton Stracke’s kids are likely very worried about their mother.

All of the drama of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion came to light this week, which only remined of all the drama that happened this past season.

Like Sutton’s family, who finally came into the picture and her fear that one of her sons might go abroad.

But who are her kids? She’s actually shared more than some Bravo fans may realize.

Sutton Stracke with big eyes on RHOBH.
In the October 2022 Reunion special of RHOBH, Sutton Stracke wore this eye-catching pink ensemble. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Sutton Stracke has three kids

As RHOBH viewers may recall, Sutton sat down for a mom-to-mom chat with Kyle Richards. Sutton coparents her kids with her ex-husband of 16 years, Christian Stracke.

Sutton shared that Christian had received a promotion that would lead to him moving to London. The plan was that he would take James with him.

Ultimately, James ended up remaining with Sutton full-time. But before that decision, Sutton feared that her son would be spending months at a time without seeing her.

Sutton Stracke's title card for RHOBH.
No longer a newcomer, Sutton Stracke has made her mark on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Image Credit: Bravo)

James Stracke

James is Sutton and Christian’s youngest son.

He is a high school junior and, as we noted, he lives with Sutton.

In fact, you can see James — along with his sister, Porter, and his brother, Philip, in a Thanksgiving photo that Sutton shared to her Instagram account in November of 2023.

Philip Stracke

Co-parenting doesn’t end when your child becomes an adult, even if custody arrangements generally do. Sutton and Christian also share Philip, their eldest son.

He is a college sophomore at The Citadel. That is a military college, and Sutton has discussed this on the show.

She joked that his cross-country move meant less work for her, because she did not “have to decorate” his dorm room like she did her daughter’s.

A feisty Sutton Stracke walks on RHOBH.
RHOBH fans can agree that Sutton Stracke has a distinct sense of style. (Image Credit: Bravo)

But Sutton clearly misses her son while he is so far away from her.

“Having a college son isn’t so bad,” Sutton captioned an Instagram photo of her standing alongside her son.

Many moms and sons alike can relate to the image of a man absolutely dwarfing his mother as they stand side-by-side.

Porter Stracke

Sutton and Christian’s eldest child is their daughter, Porter.

She went off to college back in 2020. Not an ideal year for much of anything, especially embarking on a less-than-normal university experience.

Porter attends William & Mary. She will turn 22 in May of 2024.

Co-parenting is complex, for the kids and for the parents

Sutton and Christian Stracke knew each other since they were kids themselves. The two married in 2000, just two years before welcoming Porter.

In 2016, the couple divorced.

Their years of history and their three children will always link them to each other.