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Jennifer Lopez has had four husbands and after the premiere of her movie This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, everyone is obsessed with their zodiac signs.

Why? Because a certain Libra messed with Jenny from the Block and everyone needs to know who it is!

Jennifer Lopez’s New Movie & The Glass House Scene 

In Jennifer’s new Amazon movie, This Is Me … Now, fans travel down the rabbit hole of her romantic history. 

In the hard-to-define cinematic experience, J.Lo shows her complicated relationship with love.

(Amazon Prime Studios)

She also admits that one of her past relationships was violent.

Set to the song “Rebound” off her new album of the same name as the film, Jennifer’s character “The Artist” seems to be in a loving relationship with a new man after having her heart broken.

The movie suggests that this is the first relationship Jennifer had after her split from Ben Affleck.

But quickly, things turn sour over a simple tease about her man being “meticulous”.

Now, this mystery man from Jennifer’s past starts to get violent and drink. He chases her around their glass house and at one point, even smacks her across the face!

Quite literally tethered to each other, Jennifer’s character tries to flee, but can’t until the glass house starts to break and she can cut herself loose. 

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Jennifer Lopez‘s Husbands & Their Zodiac Signs

Jennifer talked about this scene in an interview with Variety, that debuted before the film’s release. 

“The idea of the glass house was about how we get into these toxic relationships,” she says.

“You have trauma from your past. You have these patterns you haven’t figured out yet. And you get into these relationships where you compromise yourself in ways that you never thought you would. Or you allow people to treat you in ways that you never thought you would.”

The moment becomes pointed when she adds: “And that certainly has happened to me.”  

She hints here that the scene is metaphorical, and not indicative of one singular relationship. 

However, in the film, the Zodiac Council, an astrological group invested in J.Lo’s happiness, drops a clue that there was someone who hurt her specifically. 

“Libra and Leo are supposed to work, it’s a thing!” laments Trevor Noah as a member of the council, which is made up of a number of other famous faces: Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lewis, Post Malone, and Keke Palmer, just to name a few. 

The hint about the ex being a “Libra”suggests a singular person, but this information creates more questions than it answers.

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Has Jennifer Lopez Ever Dated A Libra?

As the movie suggests, Jennifer is OBSESSED with Zodiac signs. 

She herself is a Leo, as are most of the important men in her dating history. 

Ben Affleck’s zodiac sign, as well as Alex Rodriquez, and Cris Judd – all Leos! That’s two of her husbands right there.

Her first husband, Ojani Noa, is a Gemini. Marc Anthony’s zodiac sign is a Virgo.

As for the men she just dated, Casper Smart’s zodiac sign is Aries; Diddy is a Scorpio; and even though she denies ever dating him, we checked – Drake is also a Scorpio.

From what we can tell, Jennifer Lopez has never dated a Libra … at least, that she’s been public about.