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Chris Gauthier — an actor known for roles in such hit shows as Once Upon a Time, Eureka and Smallville — has died.

He was only 48 years old.

In a statement posted to Facebook, a representative from Gauther’s talent agency, TriStar Appearances, wrote the following:

Chris Gauthier photograph
May actor Chris Gauthier rest in perpetual peace. (Warner Bros)

“As a beloved Vancouver-based character actor, Chris shared his talents with so many of us both on television and in film.

“His loss is felt not just by his fans but by those of us who were lucky enough to know him more personally.

“On behalf of his family, we do ask for privacy during this time so that they are able to grieve properly.”

Chris Gauthier as Joe Pickett
Chris Gauthier as Joe Pickett on Eureka. (David Brown/Paramount+)

His Famous Roles

Gauthier is probably best known to television fans for having played William Smee (Captain Hook’s right hand pirate) in 14 episodes of the ABC drama Once Upon a Time.

He also starred in such films as Watchmen, 40 Days and 40 Nights and numerous Hallmark Christmas movies… including The Christmas Promise, Three Wise Men and a Baby and most recently, Ms. Christmas Comes to Town, which was released last October.

Continued the aforementioned statement:

“Chris was the literal textbook definition of a character actor. You may not have known his name but you knew his face, you knew his voice, and you knew that if he was onscreen, you were in for a helluva ride.

“Whether he was standing toe-to-toe against Clark Kent on Smallville as the Toyman, tormenting Dean on Supernatural, on deck with Hook as Smee in Once Upon A Time or in guest roles in the countless other productions he was in, he ALWAYS gave it his all when the camera was rolling.”

Chris Gauthier’s Cause Of Death

According to the star’s management team, Gauther died “suddenly and unexpectedly” from an unspecified illness on Friday February 23.

As he’s so young, naturally many were shocked to hear the news and were immediately curious to know how he left us.

While we cannot confirm any other details at this time, we’ll update this post as we get more information.

Chris Gauthier on Eurkea
Chris Gauthier was a veteran actor who passed away at the age of 48. (The CW)

Tributes To Chris

The Hallmark channel, meanwhile, paid tribute to Gauthier in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“We are sorry to hear about the passing of Chris Gauthier,” it read. “Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans.”

Elsewhere, Colin O’Donoghue, who played Hook in Once Upon a Time opposite Gauthier, wrote of the actor on Instagram:

“Rest in Peace Chris! Heartbroken! My love and thoughts go out to Erin and the boys! You will be missed brother! You were the real captain!!”

Gauthier’s agent, Chad Colvin, also shared a moving reflection on his time knowing and working with the actor:

Brother…I am going to miss you so much more than you’ll ever imagine. I wish we could have had a bit more time together and that you understood the difference you made, not just in my life, but all those you touched.

This world is a bit smaller and colder now without you in it. Love ya, ya big Gooch.

Gauthier is survived by his wife and two children.

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of Chris Gauthier. May he rest in peace.