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Is Nicole Kidman pregnant again? Will she have a 5th child?

That’s the question asked time and time again of the Oscar winner. With two children with her husband Keith Urban and two grown kids with her ex, Tom Cruise, four kiddos might be the end of the road for her.

nicole kidman pregnant baby bump photo
Nicole Kidman cradles her baby bump on the red carpet with Keith Urban. ( (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images))

Then again, nothing is impossible in Hollywood — and Nicole has gushed so hearlity about being a mother that the time just might be right.

But let’s Nicole speak for herself, shall we!

Nicole Kidman Pregnant: A Look Back At Early Motherhood Days

“I love, love children. I love raising children,” Nicole shared with the BBC in 2017.

At the time, she was promoting her movie, Lion, a film that beautifully depicted the power of an adoptive mother’s love.

Nicole knows a little something about that first hand.

Nicole Kidman with her children Connor and Isabella in their younger years. (Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

While she and then husband Tom Cruise tried to get pregnant with a child, during the marriage the pair ended up adopting two children.

 Daughter Isabella was adopted in 1992, followed by Connor in 1995.

After the couple split, Nicole remarried and started a family with Keith Urban.

These days, she does not have much contact with her adult children; to put lightly, the relationships are strained.

In 2007, the age of 40, Nicole gave birth to their first daughter, Sunday. Her little sister, Faith Margaret was born via surrogate two years later.

Nicole Kidman arrives ahead of the Top of the Lake: China Girl Australian Premiere at Sydney Opera House on August 1, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Of being a mom, Nicole admitted she finds the most joy in watching her kids “grow” and relishes in the wonderful things they “say and teach.” But in that BBC interview, she admitted that she really wanted more children with Keith.

“I would have liked probably two or three more children,” Nicole said.

Another Kid For Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

So again we ask, is Nicole Kidman pregnant with her 5th child? No, that ship may have sailed. However, there has been talk of the power couple adopting more kids to add to their family.

According to those closest to her, Nicole still feels “young enough and has the energy for another baby.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at 2017 AMAs
Nicole and Keith at an award show. (Getty Images)

“Nicole has had pregnancy and fertility problems in the past that kept her family smaller than she had hoped for,” a friend of the star told

“Nicole found she and Keith got so wrapped up in raising the kids, she put the idea of adopting out of her head.

“But now that the girls are becoming more independent, she sees it’s time they really work on bringing another child into their home – and all the happiness that would bring to the family!”

While Nicole has not expressly said she and Keith are having another child, clearly being a mother is something she loves.

So don’t count her out just yet!

Nicole Playing A Mother On-Screen

From the Goldfinch, to Lion, to Boy Erased, Nicole has played some exceptionally wonderful mother roles in her films. 

Her next projects is a dramatic miniseries called Expats for Amazon. In the series, produced by Nicole and her company Blossom Films, she’ll play a mother named Margaret in terrible distress.

Margaret rides an emotional roller coaster after her son goes missing in a Hong Kong night market.

Understanding the ferocity of love as a mother herself, Nicole revealed she could relate, even if it was a difficult role.

“She will not give up hope, which was probably the thing I related to—that desire to go, ‘No, I know deep down, my child is out there and I’ll find my child,’” Kidman said of her Expats character in an interview with Elle. “She’s got this dogged refusal to accept anyone that tells her differently. She just won’t stop. And that’s what I think I empathized with.”