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Once again, Little People, Big World are worried about Jackson Roloff.

Earlier this week, Tori Roloff shared a video on Instagram of her kids dancing around their living room.

It was cute, it was endearing… and it also featured the aforementioned six-year old looking like this at one point:

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Tori Roloff is such a great mother. Here she is with her three children. (Instagram)

As you can tell, Jackson’s feet are splayed. Or bowed. He’s dancing around on the outsteps of this body part, prompting many viewers to express concern.

“I’m so nervous for Jackson’s legs!!” one person commented, for example.

“He’s walking on the sides of his feet it seems. Poor baby!!” another added.

A third seemed confused and even a bit accusatory, writing as a remark: “Not meant to be rude or ugly, but why can’t Jackson’s legs be straightened.”

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Happily celebrating 8 years of marriage, Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff pose with kids Jackson Roloff, Lilah Roloff, and Josiah Roloff in this July 25, 2023 photo. (Instagram)

This isn’t the first time such an issue has been raised.

Like his dad and his paternal grandparents, Jackson was born with Achondroplasia, a condition that comes with certain physical deformities — one of the most notable of which is bowed legs.

In May, viewers of a similar video posted by Jackson’s mom also commented on his legs.

About six months earlier, Jackson underwent a procedure on these lower extremities, which came in the wake of Zach Roloff admitting to fans:

“It’s the beginning, I think, of a long journey.”

Little People, Big World photo with Zach and Tori
Zach and Tori Roloff pose here for two of their kids as part of a TLC promotional campaign. (TLC)

Added Zach in the wake of this latest surgery, referencing his oldest child:

“He’s good. It’s tough because the screws in his legs help straighten the leg as he grows.

“Well for him, he maybe grows [an] inch a year so it’s tough to see and won’t be obvious for a while.

“[An] Average person with the same surgery, you would see the difference a lot quicker.”

Little People, Big World photo with Zach and Tori
Zach and Tori Roloff pose here for two of their kids as part of a TLC promotional campaign. (TLC)

Thankfully, Achondroplasia does not affect one’s mental capacity or one’s life span.

But Matt Roloff underwent over 15 surgeries as a child, mostly for his back.

There’s a strong likelihood that Jackson will continue to battle physical obstacles just like his sister, dad and grandparents as he gets older.

But he appears to be a happy child and, in terms of any true long-term sense and/or severity, a relatively healthy child.

We’ve seen plenty of social media photos of Jackson playing basketball and soccer, the latter of which being a sport his dad (again, with the same condition) excels at as an adult.

Zach and Tori Roloff on air
Zach and Tori Roloff, who we absolutely adore, are featured in this confessional from Little People, Big World. (TLC)

In October of 2019, Tori shared her “biggest challenge” as a mom to a little person in regard to her firstborn.

“I think my biggest fear is him being treated younger than he is.

“He is completely capable, and I never want him to think he can’t do something because I do it for him,” she wrote to a fan on Instagram.

“Now being even more ingrained in the dwarf community, I’ve seen so many kids that are struggling when they’re young, and we lucked out with [Jackson].”

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