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As you’re probably aware by now, Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child.

And thanks to her latest Instagram post, we can now confirm that she’s very pregnant with her fifth child!

Like most members of her controversial family, Jessa has been keeping a lower profile in recent months.

She hasn’t disappeared from social media entirely, but she posts far less frequently than she used to.

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Jessa Duggar poses in front of a mirror while pregnant with her fifth child. (Instagram)

So when Jessa posted a baby bump selfie earlier this week, fans were quick to take notice.

And some of them were a little disappointed when they learned Jessa’s reason for posting.

“I’m in my third trimester now, and starting to hit nesting mode! There are always so many things to prep and get ready before a new baby joins the family!” she captioned the post.

Jessa Duggar is featured here in a clip from TLC. (TLC)

“However, with all the to-do lists, I’m thankful there’s one thing we do not have to worry about, and that’s medical bills,” Jessa continued.

Yes, at this point, Jessa’s post might be setting off your “sponsored content” alarm!

“Thanks to Christian Healthcare Ministries, Ben and I have peace of mind knowing that our healthcare costs are taken care of,” she continued.

Jessa on Counting On
Jessa Duggar looks a little unsure of something in this scene from an episode of Counting On. (Photo Credit: TLC)

“We’ve been members of CHM for nearly a decade, and over that time they’ve shared tens of thousands of dollars worth of our medical bills!”

Some commenters expressed surprise and revealed that they had no idea Jessa was expecting again.

Others chided the 31-year-old for cashing in with a bit of sponsored content.

And on Reddit, a surprising number of users criticized Jessa’s appearance.

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Jessa Duggar has had enough of the haters. And she’s been known to lash out at them on YouTube. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Tell me you are dead inside without telling me you are dead inside,” one commenter wrote.

“She’s very unhappy…that’s why she has a frown for a smile,” another added.

“She looks like she’s about to burst into tears,” a third chimed in.

“And we heathens are supposed to be envious of her life? Nah. Hard pass. She looks miserable,” a fourth remarked.

Jessa Duggar on Video
Jessa Duggar looks into the camera in this still from a 2020 video and talks about her mental health. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Yes, fans are convinced that Jessa is not happy and is only pretending to be because that’s one of her obligations as a dutiful fundamentalist wife and mother.

Obviously, we have no idea about Jessa’s emotional state, and we’re certainly not willing to jump to any major conclusions on the basis of her facial expression in a single photo.

But given everything that she’s endured, we suppose it’s not surprising that so many assume she’s miserable.

During her Baby #5 announcement video, Jessa Duggar spoke to fans and followers about her parenting experiences. (YouTube)

After all, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their kids in an abusive cult, and that’s not the sort of thing one just casually moves on from in adulthood.

But instead of assuming that Jessa is miserable, we’ll just applaud her for her strength and hope that her upbringing taught all sorts of valuable lessons about how not to raise children.




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