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In recent weeks, 90 Day Fiance fans have learned a lot about Dallas Nuez, Kalani Faagata’s “hall pass” and now boyfriend.

Now that she broke the news about him on 90 Day: The Last Resort, she’s free to post about him.

Now, little by little, she’s even sharing photos.

The latest Dallas pic includes him, Kalani, and her two sons.

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At the very end of October 2023, Kalani Faagata officially shared boyfriend Dallas Nuez on her Instagram Story. She had waited years to find this happiness. Good for her! (Image Credit: Instagram)

On Tuesday, November 14, Kalani Faagata took to her Instagram Story to share a new photo.

In the pic, she and Dallas Nuez are standing on a balcony. The beach is behind them, with the surf running along the sandy shoreline.

Standing in front of them are her two sons, 5-year-old Oliver and 4-year-old Kennedy.

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In mid-November of 2023, Kalani Faagata shared this photo to her Instagram Story. It features boyfriend Dallas Nuez and both of her children, Oliver and Kennedy. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Kalani’s fans and followers can clearly see the beautiful smiles of her two boys.

However, she chose to obscure her face and Dallas’ — using an emoji depicting two kissing faces to obscure them together. Cute!

“You’ll get a full pic someday, not today,” Kalani then teased in a caption on the photo.

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On October 31, 2023, Dallas Nuez revealed his face on Instagram for the first time. He did not explain who the people with him on his Instagram Story photo were, but that’s okay. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Just for the record, Dallas has already done his own face reveal.

On Halloween, the same day that Kalani posted a photo of him from the back, he shared a pic of his own face on his Stories.

Dallas is not a public figure. He has never appeared on reality TV, and is not an avid social media user. We should all keep in mind that he does not owe us face pics — and neither does Kalani.

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On her Instagram profile photo in August 2023, Kalani Faagata appears in a selfie. She looks great … and that appears to be Dallas Nuez by her side. This was months before Kalani posted more of him to her feed. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Even before she went public with her divorce and her boyfriend, Kalani was dropping hints.

Here and there, a small “slice” of Dallas would appear on her social media — dating back as far as late 2022.

Even her profile pic showed a small portion of his face. Clearly, Kalani was counting down the days until she could go public without breaking her NDA.

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In an Instagram Q&A in early November, Dallas wrote about how he loves bragging about Kalani. Good! (Image Credit: Instagram)

Dallas, too, was clearly excited to go public. He might not be a famous reality star like Kalani, but that’s not why he was chomping at the bit go go Instagram Official.

Instead, he shared earlier this month, he loves “bragging about her” and can finally do so.

Kalani is funny, beautiful, and more patient than she should be.

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