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After last week’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life included some strip club drama, it was time for the fallout.

Big Ed has had a big beef with Jovi since last year, when Jovi stood up to him at the Happily Ever After? Tell All. Finally, he had his chance for revenge.

Accusing Jovi of plotting against him, Ed stirred up trouble in Jovi’s marriage. He hit a sore spot, and Yara became very upset.

But when Ed brought Jovi’s young daughter into the dig, Jovi lunged for him. Security interceded.

Ed Brown stands with mischievous intent on a yacht on the ocean in the afternoon.
Franchise villain Big Ed Brown causes problems on purpose, telling one castmate what she should ask her husband. (Image Credit: TLC)

It all started out on a yacht. Arguably never a good place to be — especially if Big Ed Brown is in the mix.

The men from the show had visited a strip club — one of Jovi’s favorite places on the planet.

And Ed decided to expose Jovi for messaging a stripper he once knew while the guys were out.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren sit on a yacht on the ocean.
Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren listen awkwardly as their castmate stirs up trouble on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (Image Credit: TLC)

In case you missed it, Jovi had previously taken this stripper to Jamaica. They’d been sleeping together.

Obviously, this was before he met his beautiful wife, Yara, let alone married her.

It’s also important to note that he didn’t meet up with this woman. But … why was he reaching out if he knows how it will make Yara feel?

Yara Zaya looks beautiful but concerned while sitting on a yacht.
Yara Zaya asks the question: who was her husband texting, and what was he asking? (Image Credit: TLC)

At first, when Ed began to stir the pot, Yara was in good humor.

But as she watched Jovi’s calm-yet-nervous reaction (yes, he can do both), she grew more alarmed.

Hearing that Jovi asked this girl he once took on vacation where she’s now working did push some emotional buttons. Yara is his wife and the mother of his daughter, but she has real insecurities about his love of strippers.

Yara Zaya smiles while confronting Jovi Dufren on a yacht, the caption reading: "Why do you need to know?"
A laughing but increasingly serious Yara Zaya asks Jovi Dufren “Why do you need to know?” (Image Credit: TLC)

Jovi wasn’t offering any answers. That had Yara feeling worried.

Again, Jovi has hurt Yara’s feelings before with this same topic. No, he didn’t cheat, but he also knew that Yara wouldn’t like this and did it anyway.

Bursting into tears, Yara threw her drink on him and stormed off to the other end of the yacht.

A moving GIF image of Yara Zaya throwing her drink on Jovi Dufren. She walks off, and Angela Deem stares while seated behind her on a yacht.
A very unhappy Yara Zaya tosses her drink on Jovi Dufren and storms off on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (Image Credit: TLC)

Ed would go on to claim, to the camera, that he felt bad about rolling this particular golden apple into Jovi and Yara’s marriage.

But that’s a little hard to believe. He did it, for one thing.

And he looked smug when he went about it and made things worse.

Jovi Dufren faces away from the camera while speaking to a seated Ed Brown.
Jovi Dufren confronts Big Ed Brown for causing problems on purpose. (Image Credit: TLC)

Additionally, Ed voiced a belief that Jovi had been conspiring against him during the strip club trip.

“Your whole point was to try to take me down,” Ed accused Jovi on the yacht. “I saw through your plan.”

Ed claimed that Jovi “had it coming” for revealing how ill-behaved Ed was (remember, Jovi didn’t go around motorboating anyone).

Ed Brown wears a salmon shirt with a collar as he speaks to the camera while seated.
Speaking to the 90 Day: The Single Life confessional camera, Big Ed Brown spins a conspiracy theory about how a castmate was trying to sabotage him. He wasn’t. (Image Credit: TLC)

After receiving comfort from franchise villain and real-life awful person Angela Deem, of all people, Yara returned.

She wanted to see Jovi’s phone. He refused.

But that unpleasantness was not the end of it.

Angela Deem hugs Yara Zaya and says "I'm sorry" on a yacht.
We don’t normally say this, but Angela Deem is doing the right thing here. It’s normally never true. Yara Zaya did need a hug in this moment on 90 Day: The Single Life, however. (Image Credit: TLC)

“I’m not denying that I deserved that [Yara throwing a drink in ​my face], but enough is enough,” Jovi declared.

At this point, a tearful Yara wept, wondering what she could do that he’d drop his obsession with strippers.

This is really something that they need to work out, and not just for reality TV. If you keep knowingly upsetting your spouse in the same way, something must change — or your marriage will end.

Jovi Dufren holds up his hands while seated beside Ed Brown.
Seated beside Big Ed Brown and the remote Michael Ilesanmi, Jovi Dufren admits that he did deserve the drink-dunking. (Image Credit: TLC)

Jovi emphasized that he was not, under any circumstances, looking to hook up with the stripper — or anyone other than his wife.

He then took aim at Ed, who caused problems in his marriage on purpose.

Jovi told Ed that his comments were “unnecessary.”

Ed Brown leans forward and speaks while seated on a yacht. Liz Woods sits beside him.
Wielding Michael Ilesanmi like a scepter, Big Ed Brown decided to taunt a castmate about his young child. That was too much, even for Liz Woods. (Image Credit: TLC)

The thing about Ed is that he clearly resents Jovi, for a lot of reasons. Many viewers speculate that Jovi’s successful career, looks, youth, and gorgeous wife are all factors.

So, no, he didn’t back down. Instead, he brought Jovi and Yara’s young daughter, Mylah, into the mix.

“Why don’t you tell your daughter where you were?” Ed viciously spat. Dude, Mylah is three years old.

Jovi Dufren gestures emphatically while seated, pointing his finger firmly at Ed Brown.
Jovi Dufren directly threatens franchise villain Big Ed Brown after the latter used Jovi and Yara’s young daughter as part of a taunt. (Image Credit: TLC)

Jovi did not mince words, warning Ed that he will “punch him in the f–king face” if he mentioned Mylah again.

(A lot of 90 Day viewers might pay to see such a thing, but we here at THG do not condone violence — even against reality stars)

At this point, Jovi stood up and lunged at Ed. Security stepped in — and so did Liz Woods, trying to protect her then-fiance. (They have since married, so … the opposite of congratulations are in order. Condolences?)

Jovi Dufren stands in a lunge in this 90 Day: The Single Life screenshot, moving aggressively towards Ed Brown while Liz Woods holds up her hands between them.
During a confrontation, Jovi Dufren stands up and lunges towards Big Ed Brown. The latter did not appreciate Liz Woods’ efforts to protect him. (Image Credit: TLC)

Liz’s involvement really brought out what we can only call Ed’s inner pissbaby. He has too many insecurities to count.

Ed loves making things Liz’s fault, so he accused that she had “made me look weak. It made me look like I can’t defend myself.”

This hurt Liz’s feelings, to the point where she was reconsidering their plans to marry. Sadly, she didn’t reconsider hard enough. Poor Liz.

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