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On Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, the spotlight was placed squarely on Janelle Brown.

And let us just say… the mother of six shined!

Having found her voice of late in realizing just how much Kody Brown sucks as a partner, Janelle blamed the demise of their spiritual marriage this week on his commitment to someone else.

Just like Christine said awhile back upon making her own decision to leave Kody, Janelle made it clear that Kody so clearly only has sincere eyes for one woman.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown are featured in this split screen image.
Kody Brown and Christine Brown of Sister Wives fame are featured in this split screen image. (TLC)

And it isn’t her.

“It really feels like he slipped into the role of monogamy, and I think maybe he did it a while ago and was just trying to maintain his responsibilities with his plural family,” Janelle said in a confessional, referring to herself and former sister wives Christine Brown and Meri Brown.

Emphasizing how Kody cares for Robyn only, Janelle added on this topic:

“If I cared, it would bother me, but I don’t care. I really don’t. They can have each other.”

Janelle Brown speaks to the camera here on Sister Wives.
Janelle Brown addresses the camera in this confessional from Season 18. (TLC)

On many occasions over the past year-plus, Christine has said something similar; she’s said she couldn’t stay with someone who loved another woman.

Janelle, meanwhile, went on to say this week that she’s grown VERY turned off by Kody.

But not by the lifestyle she has chosen for the past two decades.

“I would consider a plural marriage again,” the certified health coach explained, adding: “I like it. I like plural marriage.”

Janelle Brown is getting into it here with Kody Brown.
Janelle Brown sits down here across from an exasperated Kody. (TLC)

Even though her romance with Kody failed, Janelle said she still believed in the “faith” part of this kind of arrangement and enjoyed the independence she had being with a man with multiple spouses.

“So just because this relationship hasn’t worked out — that’s how most marriages are,” she confided in Christine, stating that she’d be open to another polygamous arrangement.

On an upsetting note, Janelle even said she’d at least consider getting back together with Kody.

The father of 17 would have to “fully engage with me as a marriage partner again,” she at least said, and to “give me what I needed in a relationship.”

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown share six kids.
We’re split-screening it here between Kody and Janelle on Season 18 of Sister Wives. (TLC)

It never sounds like Kody is willing to do that, of course.

Describing his dynamic with his fourth wife Robyn on this same episode, Kody said he’s “married to the love of my life” in Robyn.

Would he be willing to reconcile with Janelle?

Yes, but he doesn’t seem to take any responsibility for how things fell apart and he seems to think the romantic ball is in Janelle’s court.

Kody Brown sits here for a confessional on Sister Wives Season 18.
Kody Brown has an annoying smirk on his face in this photo. (TLC)

“We see each other once in a while. We talk on the phone once in a while,” he continued of Janelle. “I do believe we could reconcile. I do believe that it would require Christine and Janelle to sort of [be] like, ‘It’s been nice hanging out a lot.'”

Bitter to the end, Kody concluded:

“Christine has so much influence over Janelle, I just think it’s pathetic.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.


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