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For years, Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff has used his platform for good. His work on his father’s farm hasn’t changed that.

This month, he is raising awareness of the increasingly genocidal military campaign that Israel is carrying out against the people of Gaza.

Jacob is hoping to educate his followers.

He also has a message of hope: that we will all see a Free Palestine in our lifetimes.

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Jacob Roloff was out of his gourd with excitement over pumpkin season in this fall 2023 photo on Instagram. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Last week, as Israel stepped up its campaign of bombing and starvation against the people of Gaza, Jacob Roloff spoke out on Instagram.

“People can browbeat all they want, but we will see a free Palestine in our lifetime,” he began optimistically.

“What’s happening now is an atrocity to the Palestinians,” he acknowledged, “as they are bombed ‘to dust’ (as one IDF soldier bragged).”

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Jacob Roloff pauses his work on Roloff Farms for a moment so that his father can snap a photo as they prepare for Pumpkin Season 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Jacob referred to the ongoing ethnic cleansing “with dozens of whole bloodlines already wiped out, and whole towns disappeared from the world.”

Gravely, he stated: “The crimes visited on them not only in the past 18 years but since the Nakba of 1948 can’t be easily waved away.”

Jacob also recognized: “And the U.S. too is complicit in this ethnic cleansing.” For generations, human rights experts have referred to the settler violence and apartheid that Palestinians face as “peacetime ethnic cleansing.” In recent weeks, the only part of this to change has been the “peacetime.”

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In a lengthy and well-informed Instagram post, Jacob Roloff drew attention to the plight of the Palestinian people during October 2023’s bombing campaigns. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“Nothing can excuse it, nor the stated desire by Israeli defense ministers and prime ministers for genocide,” Jacob affirmed.

One of the photos that Jacob shared included a quote from the Israeli Defense Minister, vowing to “eliminate everything” in Gaza.

“This first rate military has the Palestinian people corralled in the worlds largest open air prison that they cannot leave,” Jacob accurately described.

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Jacob Roloff did not enjoy growing up on reality television, but he certainly has a passion for nurturing plants and reaping what he sows. Good for him! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Jacob Roloff continued: “with more than 500 military checkpoints within their small strip.”

He cited: “Unable to fish more than 4 nautical miles offshore (where the deep sea lanes and bigger fish are).”

Jacob went on, noting “their water wells cemented in, their orchards bulldozed, and their homes stolen from under them, and at gun point.”

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In Instagram comments, Jacob Roloff countered claims from people who willfully conflated the actions of Hamas with the people of Gaza. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“With the power to shut off all electricity, water, food, and medical supply lines,” he listed.

“We are looking at the extermination of a people,” Jacob acknowledged.

He ended his caption with an aspirational: “Free Palestine.”

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Isabel Roloff plants a kiss here on the cheek of her semi-famous husband, Jacob. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The photos that Jacob shared included more detail, highlighting how Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has targeted crowded markets and shopping areas, leveling buildings with dozens of victims unable to escape.

Jacob sited reports that seriously doubt the dubious claims that a “Hamas rocket” destroyed the hospital.

He also cited that Israel has now destroyed 42% of Gaza’s housing. That’s hundreds of thousands of people — mostly children — who have lost their homes. That tragic figure has obviously risen since Jacob first shared it.

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What a lovely photo here of Jacob Rolloff, his wife, his nephew and his famous dad, Matt. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Given the widespread lack of political literacy in the United States, it’s no surprise that people showed up to argue with Jacob.

It’s always interesting when people try to “whatabout” when the topic is the wholesale slaughter of civilians, including children.

But perhaps the most succinct counter would simply be: “right now we’re talking about this because our country is helping to make it happen.” Not that Jacob’s lengthier responses weren’t worthwhile, too.

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