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Tori Spelling’s net worth is a hot topic of conversation these days. It perhaps goes without saying, but Tori’s 2023 has been miserable. Sick kids, disastrous marriage, and the ongoing problem that Tori seems to be flat broke

What is new is just how far estimates of her net worth have plummeted recently. Here’s what we’ve learned:

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In 2023, Tori Spelling shared this sunny selfie while promoting her friend’s rose quartz jewelry. Gorgeous! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

What is Tori Spelling’s net worth?

We want to start with an important caveat: online net worth estimates are prone to inaccuracy.

The less money that someone has, or the less of an understanding that the public has about their finances, the less accurate that things become.

But, without a Forbes investigation or accounting documents, it’s the best that we have. And Tori’s net worth is an estimated $250,000, according to

That $250,000 figure is a 2023 estimate; in 2022, the estimate was higher, at $1.5 million.

Is Tori Spelling broke?

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Tori Spelling shared photos and videos from Day One of ’90s Con in September of 2023. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Let’s be clear: neither of those yearly figures are exactly in the extreme poverty range of finances. But this estimate would have you believe that Tori has lost five-sixths of her net worth in one year. And it’s possible that she has.

For one thing, Tori has been upfront for years that she’s not great with money. In her book Spelling It Like It Isthe 90210 star wrote, “It’s no mystery why I have money problems. I grew up rich beyond anyone’s dreams. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle, I can’t seem to let go of my expensive tastes.”


Some speculate that the drop in Tori’s estimated net worth may stem from this summer’s breakup. As we know, in June, Dean McDermott surprised everyone — and Tori — by announcing the end of their marriage. In recent years, Dean has been working, while Tori has focused upon being a mom to their five children.

Of course, to say there are some potential holes in that theory. Plus, it’s probably premature for anyone to be estimating how much this will hurt the finances of either party. Their split is just a few months old. A couple of years ago, they went through a similar spat — but bounced back.

Another fan theory to explain (well, potentially explain) the apparent loss of net worth is that the first figure was a mistake.

(Seriously, those happen all of the time. I know someone whose IMDB credits earned him an “estimated net worth” of $5 million. He wishes that it were so, but it’s not even close)

Again, these aren’t Forbes write-ups. They’re estimates. And one major mistake might have inflated Tori and Dean’s apparent “wealth” last year.

This spring, Tori revealed to the world that she and Dean had been renting their previous family home.

Before that, most of the public assumed that they were homeowners, perhaps with a mortgage.

It was only upon fleeing the mold-infested nightmare and being thankful that they have renter’s insurance that Tori made sure that her followers knew what was up.

For most people who are not obscenely wealthy, a house is going to be the biggest part of their net worth.

The exceptions are nine-digit mega-millionaires who own companies or otherwise only spend a small percentage of their home on housing.

Or, of course, for the bulk of Millennials and even young adult Zoomers who do not own homes because it’s not economically achievable for many people. Tori falls into neither category.

So, if you assumed that Tori and Dean owned their home, its size and location might make you assume that they have another $1 million or so.

Net worth isn’t money in a vault in a bank somewhere. It’s the sum total of your debts and assets. The calculation, like almost everything, favors the wealthy.

Anyway … maybe that’s it. Between finding out that Tori and Dean weren’t sitting on the price of a home and news of their divorce, folks did some new guesstimating. Is it right? It might be. Or it might not.

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