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For several years now, ratings for the Teen Mom franchise have been declining at an alarming rate.

The shows probably would have been canceled already were it not for the fact that MTV desperately needs something other than Ridiculousness to round out its schedule.

Still, it seems that the former ratings juggernaut might not be long for the world.

And many fans are taking Leah Messer’s recent career moves as a sign that the end might be coming even sooner than we expected.

Leah Messer in Tears
Leah Messer breaks down here during the Teen Mom 2 reunion special in early 2021. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Earlier this month, Leah revealed that she had taken a job as a server at a local restaurant.

“I’m going into my shift. I started a new job serving. I absolutely love it. Love it, love it, love it,” Leah informed fans in an Instagram Story.

Obviously, there’s no shame in working in service industry, but many fans expressed surprise at Leah’s news.

Leah Messer appears on an episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. (MTV)

After all, this is a woman who’s been earning close to seven figures for the past few years, thanks to her MTV salary, her sponsored content posts, and her various other business ventures.

Even if she has a great night for tips, Leah’s waitress wages must seem pretty paltry by comparison.

But that’s not the only news for Leah on the career front.

Last month she revealed that she had been working hard toward becoming a licensed real estate agent in West Virginia.

Leah Messer on MTV
Leah Messer addresses the camera here as part of the Teen Mom crossover special in 2022. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“Before we left for vacation I PASSED the state portion of my real estate exam. Now it’s back home to pass the national portion and pack for the Teen Mom reunion in LA,” she shared via her Instagram Story.

“I’m beyond blessed and grateful for everyone that has supported us over the years.”

This week, Leah shared an exciting update about her career journey.

THG Logo
Leah Messer posted this photo on her Instagram page in September of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Girl mama. West Virginia. Real Estate Salesperson Exam. Author. TV Personality. TBC,” Messer captioned the photo above.

(“TBC” means “to be continued.”)

Yes, Leah has passed her exam and is now qualified to sell houses in her home state.

Fans were quick to flood her comments section with congratulatory remarks, but no one was more excited than Leah’s younger sister, Victoria.

Leah Messer is Troubled
Leah Messer looks very down in the dumps in this screen capture of her from a Teen Mom 2 episode. (MTV)

“This is for all you a–holes who like to troll the Internet and for the a–holes outside the Internet that liked to talk s–t and say she wouldn’t ever finish through with her real estate, y’all all just got smack in the face!” Victoria wrote, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“As of today she has PASSED and she is now entering the real estate world!” she continued.

“Soo beyond proud of her for accomplishing this and taking care of her three girls and one child she takes care of all by herself and doing a damn good job! Keep going, keep shining, keep growing!! Love you infinity.”

Victoria Messer has nothing but love for Leah. (MTV)

Victoria might not have needed to be quite so hostile, but we’re sure Leah appreciates her enthusiasm

So do these recent career changes mean that Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is soon to be canceled?

We don’t know, but clearly, Leah is ready for whatever comes next!

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