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Matt Roloff didn’t succeed the first time.

So now he’s gonna try again.

The Little People, Big World patriarch has put a portion of Oregon farm back up for sale, cutting the price down to $3,395,000 from the $4 million he asked for in May 2022.

As fans of this series are well aware of, Roloff’s original listing of the property caused quite an uproar among his loved ones.

Matt Roloff looks pretty excited to be doing work here on his farm in Oregon. (Instagram)

Over a year ago, Matt wrote on Instagram that it was “time to move toward the next season of life,” asking the aforementioned amount for 16 acres of his farm.

Almost immediately, son Zach Roloff lashed out as his dad on the same social media platform, stunning fans by trashing Matt as a manipulative coward after the latter claimed he tried to give Zach a chance to purchase the property before turning to the public.

Tagging his father directly in his response, Zach wrote “this post is extremely misguided and false. My dad is manipulating the narrative right now before the season comes out.”

Zach added back then that his father was “once again not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others [while] dragging the family drama that he created and then [manipulating] the fan base to make himself come out okay.”

Matt Roloff has took his farm off the market in October 2022 and then listed it again months later. (InstAGRAM)

Harsh, no? But maybe accurate?

Fast forward to October of last year and Roloff taking the farm off the market, listing it instead as a rental.

We’d have to imagine this arrangement hasn’t worked out well for Matt financially, however, hence why the property is now up for sale again.

The five bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home sits on a 16.6 acre lot where the Roloff family hosts its pumpkin season tour every year.

Matt Roloff is one happy farmer here, alongside two of his grandkids. (Instagram)

Just a couple weeks ago, Roloff assured potential tourists that pumpkin season would, indeed, take place in 2023. Which makes sense.

It’s not like the farm will be sold, transferred at least, in just a few days.

But in 2024?

It seems unlikely at this point that the tradition will continue.

Matt Roloff looks rather intense in this confessional from Little People, Big World. (TLC)

As for Matt’s relationship with his son?

It remains fractured, as far as we can tell, especially now that Zach and his immediate family has moved to Washington.

In an episode of Little People, Big World from this latest season, Zach revealed during a confessional:

“My dad and I could not come to an agreement on buying the farm, so with everything going on, I made the decision not to work pumpkin season.

“I’m disenchanted by the whole thing, so, yeah. I’m stepping away.”


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