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Catelynn Lowell would like to set a couple records straight.

First, the veteran Teen Mom star reignited her lengthy and unfortunate feud with her brother, Nick, by sharing a recent conversation she had with him and her mother.

At one point in this conversation, one can hear Nick refer to his sister as a “fat ass.”

The irony here is that Nick slammed Catelynn’s husband, Tyler, a few weeks ago for the way he has talked down to his wife about her weight.


As you can see in the caption above, Catelynn tells her brother that he’s the only person who has trashed her for being overweight.

“I’m sharing this because if he wants to use my name for clout & to get followers, it is what it is, but I at least want those people to know who they’re following & what type of person they’re actually supporting!” Catelynn added.

Nick previously claimed Catelynn steals money from her children.

And claimed that Tyler has cheated on her with a man.

Why, hello there, Tyler! Catelynn isn’t the only one checking you out. (Instagram)

“My brother says Tyler calls me names etc. which he has NEVER!!” Catelynn also Tweeted over this past weekend.

“But if you hear the end of this video it’s my BROTHER calling me names so if ur gonna follow him just kno what type of person he is! A fake clout chasing one! Lies on lies!”

Catelynn later took to Instagram Live to clarify Tyler’s past remarked about her figure.

In a clip shared by @teenmomfanz, Lowell explained that viewers didn’t know what was really going on behind the scenes at the time various Teen Mom episodes aired.

Catelynn and Tyler sure do clean up nicely, don’t they? (Instagram)

“The truth is, back in the day when it was, ‘Tyler was saying things about my weight,’ it was actually our producer at the time [who] was pushing that [storyline],” Catelynn said, alleging that the topic of her weight was addressed on the show because she had mentioned wanting to lose weight before her and Tyler’s wedding.

In short, she blamed MTV producers for the way certain episodes and certain lines of dialogue were edited.

Lowell went on to note that she gave herself certain weight loss goals after giving birth and asked her spouse to make sure she was following them.

“On TV they would only show Tyler literally calling me out — the thing that I asked him to do,” she now emphasizes.

Catelynn and Tyler have fallen on some hard times over the years. But they’re doing okay these days. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Catelynn even accused executives of using this storyline because she and Tyler were just “too happy” and “had no drama” to work though on air.

In conclusion?

“For the LAST TIME! My husband has NEVER called me fat or fat-shamed me!” Catelynn wrote.

“Sh-t is edited and do you REALLY think I would stay with someone that [speaks] down on me? HELL NO!

“What type of woman would that make me while I’m literally raising little girls! It’s ridiculous but here I am again!”

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