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We all know how Meri Brown is doing on a personal basis these days:

She’s trying.

The veteran Sister Wives cast member split from spiritual spouse Kody Brown in January and has since made an effort to tell folks that she’s looking forward to the future.

She’s forging a new path, Meri might say.

See that double decker bus behind Meri Brown? She’s in London. (Instagram)

On the professional front, meanwhile?

Meri moved back to her native state of Utah shortly after terminating her marriage and reportedly into Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, the bed and breakfast she has owned there for years.

Here’s the thing, though:

This bed and breakfast may be haunted.

Meri Brown posted this photo to Instagram in late May 2023. (Instagram)

“Guests have told Meri and the manager, Jenn, that the inn was haunted,” a source told The Sun late last week.

“Like, they would hear spooky noises and claim that ghosts are living there.

“It’s not like something bad would happen – it’s just a freaky thing and coincidence that dead people are on the wall.”

Brown opened Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in December 2017; it had been her old family home, which was occupied by four generations until it was sold in the 1980s.

Meri Brown is on a plane to London in this photo of the long-time Sister Wives star. (Instagram)

The dead people referenced above consist of portraits of some of the former owners, including Bonnie, Meri’s mother who helped run the inn and who passed away in 2021.

“It is actually creepy to go to sleep in one of the rooms and have a late person’s photo on the wall stare at you,” writes The Sun.

Meri hasn’t made any public comments about this new round of speculation, but she did say the following at one point last year:

“I’ve been told we have friendly family member ghosts, although I haven’t ever seen them.”

Meri Brown looks great in this photo. Do you think she got work done? (instagram)

It certainly is true that ghosts can be friendly. Casper, anyone?

Just this past October, Janelle Brown stayed in the establishment despite concerns that apparitions existed within its walls.

“It’s a wonderful place. I’m glad we stayed. I didn’t see a ghost, for the record,” Janelle said on an episode of Sister Wives.

Despite this alleged haunting, the inn has a 4.5 star rating on Google and has received five stars on Tripadvisor and Yelp.

Meri Brown has moved on, at last, from Kody. We wish her the best going forward! (TLC)

Elsewhere, the 52-year talked about the importance of learning to trust herself on Thursday, June 29.

“I am thinking a little bit about trust. You’ve heard that quote, right? Trust is transparency and consistency over time,” she began in a TikTok video.

“And that’s well and good when you are thinking about the trust that you are trying to build with others or that you want others to build with you.

“But what about the trust that you have for yourself? I think all too often.”

Meri Brown doesn’t need Kody in her life to be happy! Just look at this gorgeous photo. (Instagram)

She added:

“You know what else I was thinking — when you’re concerned about the trust that you have for somebody else, and you’re trusting them to not leave you or you’re trusting them to follow through on their word, or you’re trusting them to do these things, that’s all great.

“But more importantly, it’s about trusting yourself to be able to handle it when they don’t act as you think that they should.”

The reality star concluded her video with a message to her followers, stating:

“So just build that trust with yourself. Be consistent with yourself and transparent with yourself. Because that trusting and honest relationship that you have with yourself is really the most important.

“Worthy up with me, my friends. We got this.”

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