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Another Thursday came and went. And, with it, another episode of The Kardashians Season 3.

While her sisters were discussing body image issues and their sources, Kim Kardashian was busy

She has a lot of storage. Too much, arguably — so she was conducting a “purge” of her hoarded memories.

But, despite a lot of bittersweet and painful times with notorious ex-husband Kanye West, Kim “would never take back” the times that they shared.

Kim Kardashian speaks to the confessional camera on The Kardashians Season 3, Episode 9. (Hulu)

During the Thursday, July 20 episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kim Kardashian was busy conducting a purge.

What had once been a sprawling number of storage facilities was not only a few. But Kim had realized that she didn’t need it all.

So she opted to clear out things from a warehouse while thinking back on the good times and the bad with Kanye “Ye” West.

On Season 3, Episode 9 of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian sorted through her expansive storage. (Hulu)

“I’m really at peace with it,” Kim expressed to producers and to the camera.

“There’s so many amazing things that came out of my marriage and my divorce,” she affirmed.

I’ve kept every single Yeezy,” Kim shared. that’s certainly a choice. “For me, I think this is me holding on to the Kanye I know.”

While sorting through meaningful objects, Kim Kardashian revealed some keepsakes from her ex-husband’s music career. (Hulu)

Obviously, Kanye’s descent into the extreme right wing, full of praise for Hitler and antisemitic rants, was painful.

And there were years of anguish before that during his outlandish and hurtful outbursts. It was all that Kim could do to shield their children from learning about it all.

But, even so, Kim said that she would “never take back any of the hard things that have happened or any of the hard times.”

Kim Kardashian characterizes herself as a “memory hoarder,” which sounds like a demon that you have to fight in a video game. These shoes? She bought because a very fashionable Spice Girl wore them. She may have some regrets. (Hulu)

“I love my life,” Kim of course affirmed.

“But it’s time to do something different,” she continued. “And I just need a minute.”

Kim explained her emotional state as she looked at keepsakes from her fallen marriage: “It’s like the memories, it’s sad.”

Is it possible for one person to own too much stuff? Yes, as Kim Kardashian’s vast array of private storage illustrates. This is why her houses are so vacant — everything’s here. (Hulu)

In Kim’s mind, this sprawling warehouse with a mall’s worth of clothing represents a “time capsule of like the best times” in her erstwhile marriage to Ye.

“The reality is life is really different, and when you know it can never get back there,” she told the camera.

Kim explained: “that’s what sucks, and that’s what’s hard.”

In this screenshot from The Kardashians Season 3, Episode 9, Kim Kardashian looks through an array of clothes. From the blandness of the color palette, you can already guess that they are Yeezy brand. (Hulu)

“But my kids will have the best memories,” Kim then vowed.

“And,” she insisted, “this will be the best tribute for them.”

Kim went on to say that she would never want to take away “the best dad in the entire world” from her kids. So, in other words, she wants to just lie to them forever? 

Kim Kardashian may be excited during this July 2023 episode of The Kardashians, but her shoulders are screaming “we got too much sun!” (Hulu)

After sharing that Ye had asked her to simply “burn his stuff,” she said that she was going to keep a lot — for their kids.

She imagines, like, giveaway bags at her children’s Sweet 16 parties. Sort of hard to imagine anyone wanting Yeezy clothes at all, let alone in gift bags, but we hope that North’s friends will be polite.

“I think I’m trying to realize that I don’t need it,” Kim said of her “purging phase.”

Does Kim Kardashian have a “process” for figuring out which items need to stay in storage and which will be part of the purge? Yes. (Hulu)

She added: “Like, it’s so not who I am today.”

If nothing else, this moment from The Kardashians was a fantastic reminder that what we consider “hoarding” vs “storage” often comes down to money.

Kim can make her home look like a colorless, soulless void and keep an entire department store in a warehouse. If a middle class person had even a tenth of this stuff in their house, a production crew would show up to shame and humiliate them.

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