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Like her sisters, Joy-Anna Duggar was raised to believe that women are second-class citizens, and their role in life is to make babies and serve men.

Sadly, that teaching is central to Jim Bob Duggar’s belief system, and it’s a message that his daughters began receiving at a very young age.

For the most part, however, the adult Duggar women went on to marry slightly more progressive men who had fewer rules about how they’re allowed to dress, think, and act.

Of course, Jim Bob’s brand of misogyny is present not only in the Duggars’ household but throughout their entire community, so perhaps it was inevitable that one of his daughters would marry a man who’s just as defiantly “old school.”

Joy-Anna Duggar has a reason to be smiling in this photo. As you can see, she’s been blessed with another kid. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Joy-Anna Duggar recently welcomed her third child by husband Austin Forsyth.

And while she seems to be loving the wife-and-mom life, Joy’s social media posts have sparked concerns about her marriage.

Some of Joy’s followers believe that Austin has demonstrated signs of having a very short temper.

Austin Forsyth looks angry in this Instagram post from his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Over the weekend, for example, Joy posted an Instagram Story in which she removed hair from Austin’s leg using a “hair eraser” device that she was being paid to promote.

“Oh my word!” Joy exclaimed in the clip.

Austin clearly wasn’t enjoying himself nearly as much, and he snapped, “Stop!” as Joy demonstrated the product.

Joy-Duggar returns to Instagram … and she’s wearing glasses! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Joy continued promoting the hair eraser, leading many to conclude that she’s become accustomed to that sort of treatment.

“Look how smooth it is!” she said.

“It’s eco-friendly and painlessly slows down hair growth! Plus, it lasts up to three years.”

For many, the clip brought to mind another awkward post in which Austin seemed to reveal his temper.

Austin Forsyth stares into the camera in this photo posted by Joy-Anna Duggar. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Happy Anniversary,” Joy captioned the above photo of Austin earlier this year.

“Impatiently waiting for his food…” she added.

In the comments, fans expressed concerns about the how easily angered Austin appears to be.

“Wonder how impatient he gets on a regular basis?” one commenter asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have their arms around each other in this sweet snapshot. (Photo Credit: instagram)

“He’s turning into a grumpy old man,” another added.

“Like, why does he look genuinely angry?” a third asked.

“And why did she post him looking that way? I have so many other questions,” a fourth chimed in.

Joy-Anna Duggar poses with the youngest of her three children in July of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Obviously, all of these people are drawing conclusions based on photos and four-second video clips that Joy chose to share.

We don’t actually know what goes under her roof, but given the sort of household Joy was raised in, it’s not surprising that her fans are always on high alert.

Hopefully, they’re wrong, and her marriage is much happier than it appears from the outside.

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