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Jinger Duggar posed for a photo alongside her husband, Jeremy, on Sunday.

To the untrained eye, it looks like a normal and harmless images, just two spouses spending time together in what appears to be a conference room of some kind.

But anyone who is remotely familiar with Jinger and her controversial family knows what’s depicted in this snapshot is actually a huge deal.

It’s actually a slap in the mostly evil face of Jinger’s dad, Jim Bob.

Jinger Duggar is basically raising a middle finger to her dad by wearing these pants. (Instagram)

As you can see above, the TLC personality wore a pink sleeveless blouse for the occasion, showing off her toned, tan arms.

She even added white skinny jeans, with wide rips on the knee and thigh.

Jinger, of course, was raised in a household that forbade women from wearing pants — a seemingly insane thing to write if it weren’t true.

Of late, however, more and more of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children have been outwardly rebelling against them.

Is there trouble in Jinger’s marriage? There have been rumors for most of 2023. (Instagram)

Jill Duggar, for her part, was featured in a recent Amazon documentary in which she destroyed her father in various ways… largely for making her cover up a molestation scandal centered around her brother, Josh.

Jinger is not featured in this documentary.

She hurled some shade at her sister last month for being interviewed for it.

However, Jinger did release a memoir several months ago that spilled a whole bunch of tea about the way she was raised.

Jinger Duggar has released a new memoir. Fans are anxious to see how her family will react. (Amazon)

“In Becoming Free Indeed, Jinger shares how in her early twenties, a new family member — a brother-in-law who didn’t grow up in the same tight-knit conservative circle as Jinger — caused her to examine her beliefs,” reads the official publisher synopsis of this book.

“He was committed to the Bible, but he didn’t believe many of the things Jinger had always assumed were true.

“His influence, along with the help of a pastor named Jeremy Vuolo, caused Jinger to see that her life was built on rules, not God’s Word.”


It continues:

Jinger committed to studying the Bible — truly understanding it — for the first time.

What resulted was an earth-shaking realization: much of what she’d always believed about God, obedience to His Word, and personal holiness wasn’t in-line with what the Bible teaches.


And it concludes:

Now with a renewed faith of personal conviction, Becoming Free Indeed shares what it was like living under the tenants of Bill Gothard, the Biblical truth that changed her perspective, and how she disentangled her faith with her belief in Jesus intact.

Jinger’s book is available to order right now.


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