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Ahead of the Fourth of July, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fans watched two cast members make a huge mistake.

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda reconciled.

Not only did they get back together after their latest huge, bitter fight, but they raced to cave to the other’s demands.

Gino “won.” By which we mean that he surrendered on the prenup.


As Season 6, Episode 5 began to show Gino, he was getting a wheat beer from a bar in Panama City.

The bartender spoke enough English to hear his woes — and to share some advice.

She revealed that there was a huge cultural difference at play. While prenuptial agreements are uncommon among Americans of Gino’s generation, they are extremely rare in Panama. This may explain Jasmine’s feelings … if not how she expresses them.


In a follow-up scene, Jasmine went to dinner with her younger, extremely reasonable sister.

She told Liz that this conflict with Gino was bringing up past issues with her ex-husband.

Allegedly he had “hidden” money during their divorce, leaving her with nothing. That is a genuinely frightening prospect.


This left Jasmine fearing the worst. With a prenup, could Gino leave her with nothing, so that she ends up “in the streets?”

Well … we haven’t seen the prenup. But that’s never how they should work. If anything, they should do the opposite.

A valid prenup should only happen when they both have the advice of legal counsel. And it should set a fair arrangement for finances and other property in the event of a divorce. Clearly, Jasmine does not know this.


Liz showed herself to be, by far, the most sensible person from Jasmine and Gino’s storyline.

“I would personally leave Gino,” Liz told the camera. She even included the caveat that this was only from what her sister had told her.

Meanwhile, at the table, Jasmine was beginning to melt down and openly sob.


“I always mistreat him,” Jasmine said accurately of herself. Though Gino has also grievously wronged Jasmine, her behavior towards Gino has been appalling.

Her worry was that she has lost Gino forever because of her tantrums and over-the-top reactions.

That would be the case if Gino were making reasonable choices. But he is not.

In a meme-worthy moment, Jasmine Pineda’s younger, wiser sister Liz asks: “Why don’t you drink some water and try to calm down” on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, Episode 5. (TLC)

Liz suggested that Jasmine calm herself.

Remember, this is a woman who was openly weeping at a restaurant. Even with the cameras, it was conspicuous.

Liz seems to have a calm attitude and an even temperament. Maybe it’s because we’re not seeing her on dates, but we suspect that she’s no Jasmine in those circumstances, either.


Like so many loved ones have done for all of history, Liz heard everything that Jasmine said about Gino.

Then, she had to keep a straight face while Jasmine told her that she was going to meet up with him.

Remember, Jasmine had ended the engagement. But she clearly wasn’t prepared to. In fact, she was openly (to Liz and the camera) considering agreeing to the prenup to appease Gino.


Jasmine joined Gino at the table. Wisely, they met up at a public place.

They both had things to say. After repeatedly reassuring him that she wasn’t going to freak out (for once), she let Gino go first.

That choice may have set a whole series of events into motion for this ill-advised couple.


Despite common sense about his own financial future and the urgings of his family, Gino caved.

He told Jasmine that, since there’s a cultural difference at play, he’ll drop the prenup.

This was basically the one thing that his loved ones back home were begging him to do to protect himself. And he gave up on it.


Jasmine was, of course, overjoyed.

The two shared a passionate, awkward kiss.

That’s the secret to a healthy relationship: letting the louder, meaner person have whatever they want! (That is sarcasm)


Jasmine gleefully informed the camera that she had been prepared to sign the prenup to get Gino back.

(While prenups are generally a good idea if both legal counsels agree, it sounds like she was willing to give up for the same reason that Gino was)

Of course, Jasmine wasn’t just going to leave it at that.


“Would you consider having a will,” Jasmine asked.

Her big concern is that Gino, whom she plans to marry within a few months, will drop dead while she’s there on her K-1 visa.

If that happened, they wouldn’t yet be married. And Jasmine feared that this would leave her fighting with his family — and that his family would win over his not-quite-yet spouse.


Even Gino managed to stand up for himself (however briefly) on this one.

He couldn’t believe that, after all of the prenup drama and him graciously dropping his request, she’d bring up more paperwork.

There are three people in that high-end apartment right now. Liz is the only one with common sense.

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