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Now that 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fans finally understand Cleo’s accent, it’s time to see her meet Christian.

On Sunday’s episode, she’ll do just that.

Their first face-to-face meeting is sweet and truly face-to-face. They kiss at the airport.

Cleo is surprised and delighted that he took the initiative. But then, things turn a little awkward.


Christian would be the first to tell you that he’s gone eyes closed, head first, can’t lose for love before.

Remember, back in 2020, he eloped with his then-girlfriend. Later, they went so far as to annul the marriage. (Seriously, what happened there? You know there’s a story)

Comparatively, this is a less dramatic move. He has flown across the Atlantic to London to meet Cleo.


In the sneak peek video below, you can see Cleo’s face light up as she recognizes him.

(Prior to when Season 6, Episode 6 filmed, Christian and his lady love had only ever chatted online)

And Christian is immediately smiling, grinning ear to ear, as he sees her waiting for him.


Sometimes, you see someone in person and you feel overwhelmed.

We can only imagine that being in a public place and on camera at the same time increases those feelings.

Crowds are already a lot for Cleo to deal with. So it’s no surprised that she takes a second to compose herself.



Christian and Cleo approach and embrace each other.

After spending so long thirsting and flirting and talking on video calls — every night, by the sound of it — they’re finally together.


And here’s where the face-to-face start kicks in.

Previously, Christian admitted that some of the statements from transphobic and concern-trolling relatives were getting into his head. He wasn’t sure if he’d be comfortable with PDA.

But he leaned right in and kissed Cleo. Commenting on her height, he even added a very horny line about how the taller a woman is, the more he climbs. Spectacular.


Cleo was visibly delighted that Christian didn’t waste any time before kissing her.

Delighted and also surprised.

“I didn’t think that was gonna happen,” she confessed to the camera.


Cleo also gushes to the cameras that Christian is “so cute and totally out of my league.”

Christian felt flattered by her compliments.

It’s his very first time leaving the US, and he’s already getting gassed up by his girlfriend. Cute!


“My first kiss with Cleo at the airport, it felt good,” Christian tells the camera.

“She’s got really nice lips,” he expresses. “Any hesitancy or doubt that I had just melts away.”

Christian gushes: “She looks beautiful and I definitely felt, you know, inflamed.”


“But, I’m pretty overwhelmed,” Christian admits.

“In person, it kind of amplifies everything that’s going on,” he adds.

Christian asks, rhetorically: “Is this feeling of anxiousness gonna stick around or is it going to go away really quickly? I’m hoping for the latter on that one.”

“Cleo’s the first person that’s transgender and autistic that I’ve formed a really close relationship with,” Christian added.

“And,” he added, “this is something that’s new for me.”

Laying out the stakes, Christian summarizes: “I just really hope that things go well and that neither of us end up being brokenhearted.”


Well, so far, it’s adorable to watch the two gush over each other.

Soon, we’ll all find out how they get along in person.

Good luck to them both!!

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