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For Catelynn Lowell, the family feud sadly rages on.

Late last month, the veteran MTV personality reunited with the daughter she gave up as a teenager for adoption, even sharing a rare photo of herself, her husband, Tyler, and their firstborn, Carly.

It seemed like a very happy occasion.

However, Catelynn went on to say the occasion was largely ruined due to a text exchange with her grandmother — who was upset at not being included in this reunion — and her brother, Nick… who made some outrageous claims about his sister and her spouse.


First, Nick said Catelynn and Tyler were going to be “screwed” because they took money from their kids’ bank accounts in order to pay back the money they owed the government in taxes.

He then said Tyler has a boyfriend and has been cheating on Catelynn for years.

“This is a true story, too. I love John [the alleged boyfriend] to death, but you know it’s bad when [Tyler] goes to Arizona a lot,” Cate’s brother said via Instagram Live.

Lowell promptly clapped back and claimed that Nick was simply lying for attention, referring to her sibling as “brainwashed and sad.”


On Wednesday, meanwhile, Nick recorded a YouTube video in which he sort of walked back these harsh comments and accusations.

Or at least tried to defend where he was coming from.

“Last week my family — and all of our problems — went viral on social media after my sister leaked screenshots out of context, that [were] posted to her Instagram with nearly 5 million followers,” Nick said to open this video.

“While I maintain that the things that I said were true, it wasn’t my place to talk about, so I wanted to start off this video by apologizing to my sister,” Nick said.

Catelynn and Tyler have fallen on hard times. But they’re doing okay these days. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

He then focused his ire on his brother-in-law.

“I love my sister. I just don’t like who she’s become over the years, and I don’t blame her,” Nick said. “I want to make that very clear. The problem isn’t my sister, it’s the person she’s married to.”

Tyler and Catelynn were high school sweethearts and share four kids, if you count Carly.

They’ve been through some rough times, even separating in 2018, but have always found their way back to each other.

Catelynn on Insta
Looking great, Catelynn! Tyler shared this lovely photo of his wife on Instagram in late 2021. (Instagram)

“I used to love Tyler, but I feel like Tyler doesn’t like us and he’s never really tried to hide that. Recently, my feelings toward Tyler have changed. I don’t like Tyler because of the way he treats my sister,” Nick went on.

He then cited a few instances in which Tyler made fun of his wife’s weight.

“I can’t and won’t respect a man who tells my sister that he’ll love her no matter what, then proceeds to call her a heifer; a person who says he doesn’t care how she feels, a person who would constantly drag her down about her weight, and make her cry herself to sleep,” Nick said, asking viewers:

“If he can say these things in front of MTV cameras, what does he say behind closed doors?”

Nick is spilling all the tea about his sister! (Photo Credit: MTV)

Nick concluded by saying that Catelynn has cut him out of her life and he only made this video as a way to communicate with her.

“The truth is, I miss my sister,” he said.

“Well, the person that she used to be.”


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