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We have an update on the never-ending, but always very unfortunate, custody battle between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon.

Back in late June, Glennon filed an emergency order to keep Portwood away from the former couple’s young son, James.

We later learned that the basis for Glennon’s complaint was concern over the five-year old’s safety and well-being after a visit this spring in California with his mother.

Ah, the good ole days. Amber and Andrew used to get along so well. (Instagram)

In mid-May, you see, Portwood had flown from her home in Indiana to spend a few days with James.

On May 16, Glennon was on a video call with his son when he bloodied his lip after jumping on a hotel room bed.

“The minor child had busted, bloody lip,” Glennon wrote in his legal filing last month, adding:

“The minor child became hysterical, [Amber] began yelling, and [Amber] immediately terminated the video call with the [Andrew] and refused to respond for an extended amount of time to his numerous inquiries, including phone calls and text messages, as to what happened and what was going on.”

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Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon almost only speak at this point through their attorneys. (Instagram)

Afraid for his child’s health, Andrew says he went to pick James up around 1:30 a.m., prompting a meltdown by Portwood.

In response to Glennon’s official documentation of this incident, along with his request to severely limit Portwood’s time with James, Amber fired back that James suffered the sort of injury that befalls children at all times.

It was simply an accident.

She also denied Glennon’s allegation that she had been drinking heavily around the toddler — and blamed Andrew for a rash that former on James’ rear end because he hadn’t told his ex-girlfriend that their son needed help wiping in the bathroom.

Taking to his private social media page, Andrew Glennon shared a rare photo of 5-year-old son James Glennon! Both guys are rocking some phenomenal shirts. (Facebook)

It’s all extremely sad because a five-year old is at the center of this battle.

On Thursday, meanwhile, The Ashley reports that Amber attended the latest custody hearing in person inside of an Indiana courtroom… while James a lawyer chimed in via video.

The main crux of this particular hearing centered on a cross-examination of Portwood, while there was also a presentation of evidence.

Both sides were then ordered to submit their proposed orders to the court — that is, to provide arguments for why they either should spend time with James or why the other side should not.

These written briefs must be sent to the court by September 5.



After the briefs are submitted, the judge has 90 days to make a ruling.

And… that’s basically it for now.

Next Monday, Portwood and Glennon will need to be present in court yet again — this time both on video chat — to address Amber’s request to have their court record sealed.

This is simply a privacy issue, however; it has no bearing on any custody arguments between the pair.

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