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Mixed emotions and other factors had Amanda Wilhelm considering leaving Razvan early on last weekend’s episode.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days cast member has divided viewers. So, too, has her hunky influencer love.

Razvan did not respond well to Amanda’s desire to return home early.

In fact, he had a little surprise in store that totally blindsided her. Viewers who were suspicious of his motives all along, however, saw it coming.


On Season 6, Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi woke up together.

(Obviously, they woke up, let producers know that they were up, and turned on lights. This is reality TV, not candid camera)

Razvan was happy to show off his body and hospitality, bringing Amanda coffee in his boxer briefs. (It looks like editors may have lightly censored his bulge)


Speaking of clothing, Razvan revealed that Amanda wore socks to bed.

It’s her body and she can wear whatever she likes. But those of us who find even Razvan a bit overdressed for off-camera bedtime positively recoiled with horror at the idea.

Razvan roasted her lightly for imprisoning her feet like this. But, like we said, it’s her body.


Razvan also shared that Amanda was “kind of horny” during the night. As if the hickey on his neck didn’t show this.

He joked to the camera about how Amanda had given him repeated erections, yet no relief. (They did not have sex — seemingly, of any kind — during the night)

Amanda replied that Razvan could have taken his box of tissues into the bathroom. Maybe she’s not as sexually naive as she led viewers to believe with her awkward question the day before?


Amanda sometimes sounds a little cranky to viewers. Part of this may just be her style of flirting. She has, remember, only had one actual relationship before.

But it also seems like she has a lot on her mind. Having lost her husband and her sister just eight months earlier, that is understandable.

So, whether it was his own idea or a helpful suggestion from producers, Razvan asked about how Amanda was feeling. Her answer would change as the day went on.


On the car ride, Amanda’s mood had shifted considerably. Why? Because she had spoken to her kids before heading out.

Jr. had spoken on the phone. This time, he wasn’t asking about Razvan’s bed. Instead, the 3-year-old blurted out a reminder that his father had died.

Amanda worried that her absence was making things worse for her preschool-aged son. Her kids were grieving, too, after all.


Amanda straight up asked if it was a mistake to come to Romania to see Razvan. Not because she has only known him for four months, but because her kids are in a fragile place.

Razvan, unsurprisingly, quickly assured her that he thinks that it was the right decision to visit him. (Most people would assure the hottie who left a hickey on their neck that visiting was not a mistake)

Amanda didn’t seem to take his input or reassurances super seriously. Again, he’s not exactly a neutral party.


Amanda just spent her first night in Romania. She was supposed to spend three weeks visiting Razvan. But should she?

We’re not asking — she did. Amanda asked if she should go home early. How would Razvan feel about that?

Razvan’s initial response was strongly negative. Then, he seemed to catch himself — admitting that it would be okay, but emphasizing that it would hurt his feelings. Hey, that’s fair.


Together, they drank wine on a rooftop, professed their love, and enjoyed the beauty of this old city. But Amanda remained visibly distracted.

Instead of picking up on her emotional distance and taking his cues from that, Razvan went in the opposite direction.

Razvan, who only met Amanda in person yesterday (and digitally four months ago), told her that his visa interview is coming up.


Girl, what?

He totally blindsided her, explaining that he’s getting a tourist visa to hopefully visit her in America. Possibly immediately after she returns home.

This was a surprise. He hadn’t discussed this with her. And she didn’t exactly light up with delight as he had clearly hoped.


Amanda wanted to slam on the breaks. She’s moved faster than a lot of viewers would have, but this? This was too much for her.

Razvan suggested that he might delay his visit by “a month.” He didn’t want to wait “a year.”

Is Razvan just way too eager to move forward with Amanda? Or is this about something else? Viewers are certainly voicing their suspicions about his intentions. But let’s not forget that he might just be overly eager. Maybe.

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