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Just a couple of months ago, Farrah Abraham furiously accused a spa of “ruining her face.”

While fans joked at the time about how Farrah was just angry that they were doing her job for her, others wondered what went wrong.

As in, so wrong that even Farrah noticed. And was super angry about it.

But Farrah’s latest look seems to be answering a lot of questions. Her face is so unrecognizable.

Farrah Abraham may have been promoting supplements in this pic, but followers zeroed in upon her face. June 2023 Farrah looked unrecognizable. (Instagram)

Obviously, Farrah’s post to Instagram was for one purpose: she wanted to promote these supplements.

It looks like some plant-based amino acids and likely some smoothie ingredients. That … truly doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Farrah’s face has undergone yet another metamorphosis.

Farrah Abraham is always happy to share photos of her favorite person. Care to guess who that might be? (Instagram)

This is not the first time, of course. But the June 2023 image of her face is showing yet another version of the reality TV villain.

Her lips are nothing short of enormous. Her nose is ultra-slender. And her cheekbones seem to be on the rise.

Perhaps most conspicuous of all are her eyebrows. They appear to be sharp and extremely dark … and very different from their past looks.

Those lips! Farrah Abraham rambled into the TikTok camera while her daughter looked like she wished that she were anywhere else. (TikTok)

As the glimpse at Farrah’s late spring 2023 look circulated the internet, people had a lot to say.

“Farrah’s poor face can barely move anymore because of the filler,” one commenter observed. Her face seemed … stiff.

“I can’t believe doctors and spas continue to disfigure her,” another horrified person remarked.

“BTS,” Farrah Abraham posted to her Instagram Story, showing her getting hair and makeup done … apparently for an on-screen role. Anyone else get a sense of foreboding? (Instagram)

“She needs to be stopped! But for real this is sad,” an additional commenter expressed.

“This video is terrifying,” characterized another. “She can’t bring her lips together! Or raise her eyebrows!”

And one specified: “Her top lip doesn’t even move the entire video.”

On TikTok, Farrah Abraham seemed eager to display the latest incarnation of her face. It doesn’t bear a strong resemblance to her former appearance. (TikTok)

Fillers are temporary adjustments to a person’s looks. Beauticians inject them into the face, and they dissolve over time.

Some fillers are simple, made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid (a common component in topical skincare products).

Calcium hydroxylapatite is a component of bone. And PLLA is a synthetic material, but thankfully a biodegradable one.

In this still from a video selfie, Farrah Abraham flaunted daughter Sophia Abraham’s colorful hair streaks and facial piercings. (Instagram)

The world at large does not yet know, with certainty, the long-term consequences of filler use. We have all seen how some cosmetic work eventually proved to be hazardous. Hopefully, fillers are safe.

But Farrah seems to be struggling with two things: the immediate effects of fillers upon her face, and an inability to know when to stop.

It is Farrah’s face. She can do whatever she likes with it. But not all of her choices are safe. And, clearly, they’re not all having the effect that she wants.

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