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Amy Slaton has a lot on her plate these days.

So this may explain why the 1000-Lb Sisters star has some problems actually cleaning up and/or putting away plates around her house.

Earlier this week, The Sun somehow obtained photos of Slaton’s home in Kentucky.

As you can see if you follow this link to the disturbing images, the TLC personality’s kitchen table is littered with trash and half drank soda bottles.

Elsewhere, at least one bedroom’s furniture is almost entirely covered with clothes and garbage.

It’s a whole new Amy Slaton! What do you think of this bold hair color? (Instagram)

It’s pretty gross, but it’s also maybe understandable? To some extent?

Amy is taking care of a two-year old and an 11-month old mostly on her own.

She’s in the middle of a divorce from husband Michael Halterman and she has custody of sons Glenn and Gage five days a week.

As previously detailed, Halterman has the kids at his mother’s place on weekends.


Slaton also have to navigate the legal intricacies of the divorce itself, as both sides have been meeting with lawyers in an attempt to reach a custody agreement.

It might be nice if total strangers lay off her as a result.

But this is the Internet, of course.

Amy continues to get attacked by people who have never met yet, yet somehow feel qualified to judge her.

Looking great, Amy Slaton! You’ve come so very far. (Instagram)

Here’s what folks should really be focused on, however:

How did The Sun obtain these pictures?

Might Michael have snuck into the house at some point and leaked the images? In order to discredit Slaton as a mother and help gain more custody of his sons?

We’re just guessing here. We have no evidence to back up this claim.

But, seriously, who else would release the photos to a tabloid???

From high school sweethearts… to parents of two sons… to a divorce. It’s all over for Amy Slaton and Michael. (Instagram)

Last we heard, the estranged spouses were at least trying to avoid a court hearing.


Halterman filed for divorce about two weeks after police were called to the scene due to an intense argument between the pair.

The disagreement took place around 2:30 in the afternoon on February 24 and authorities said for the record they did NOT think either party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Amy wants to separate, but the male doesn’t want to,” the report stated, seemingly contradicting the fact that Michael ended up being the one to submit the legal termination papers on March 7.

Slaton, for her part, alleged Michael “became violent” and started “throwing things” with the couple’s toddlers at home.

For the sake of these children, we really hope Amy and Michael work things out as best they can in the near future.

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