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Even after Wendy Williams’ major health crisis (one after the other, it seems), she is still working.

Wendy’s hope is that her podcast and other projects will be more successful and personally profitable than any previous venture.

But is all of this work what she needs right now? For her mental and physical health?

Not at all, her brother argues. He is furious … and worries that someone is exploiting Wendy, no matter the cost to her well-being.

Wendy Williams on stage
NEW YORK, NY – MAY 19: Wendy Williams speaks onstage at Vulture Festival Presented By AT&T: ASK WENDY WILLIAMS at Milk Studios on May 19, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Vulture Festival) (Getty Images for Vulture Festiva)

The (in)famous talk show host, Wendy Williams, recently met up with her father and brother in Miami.

She was filming for her reality show. In addition to the camera crew, apparently some of the bigwigs behind the upcoming series were there. Reports suggest that the show will premiere later this year.

But Wendy’s brother, Tommy Williams, worries that all of this is very bad for his sister. Not just her health, but her public image.

Speaking to The US Sun, Tommy Williams expressed his dismay over Wendy’s current, busy schedule.

“This is not a woman who is in the right frame of mind to get a show going,” he said bluntly.

“Why are you even here?” Tommy asked, as if questioning her film crew. “Do you see the condition she’s in?”

“Does it look like she’s ready to start a podcast for goodness sake? It doesn’t,” Tommy complained.

“And we are all going to bear witness to this,” he grimly warned.

“This guy Will is ponying Wendy around- ‘travel here, travel there, let’s go make this money, and I don’t care if you’re making sense because everybody knows who you are,'” Tommy accused. He is referring to Wendy’s manager, Will Selby.

“And the shock value is going to be where she was and where she is now?” Tommy asked, seemingly predicting his sister’s future portrayal.

“Is that going to be the show? Is that it?” he asked. He worries about his sister becoming a spectacle.

“Is that what my dad has to look forward to watching?” Tommy lamented. “To shove our face in the f–king manure?”

According to Tommy, the film crew that is following Wendy already has a tremendous amount of footage — with more in production.

“Whatever they do with it, they’re gonna do. It’s gonna be sad,” he predicted.

“I can’t blame Wendy for anything!” Tommy clarified. “I want her to get better! She is not better. So I can’t be mad at her for any of this.”

“So it comes out and what happens if Wendy is doing much, much better, right?” Tommy pondered about how this footage will haunt her one day.

“Who wants these kinds of memories? Who wants this?” he asked. “Why couldn’t she just get better, all the way? And then do something.

Tommy went on: “All this time people have been kicking her around. She can’t be contemplating s–t because she can’t think it through, so other people are thinking things through for her.”

“And all this time she could have been down here recovering,” Tommy added sadly. Instead, he characterized, she is in “poor health.”

He called the whole thing “sad.”

Tommy and Wendy have clashed in the past. Perhaps she would not agree with his perspective right now. But it’s how he feels.