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Back in May, there were rumors that Christine Quinn was done with Selling Sunset.

At the time, she insisted that she was still part of the show and would “always” be on television.

Despite her other pursuits, she has remained a popular fixture on the series.

But her time on Selling Sunset has come to an end.

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E! News reports that Christine Quinn will not return to Selling Sunset.

The decision, reports agree, was mutual. Apparently, Christine isn’t involved in any current drama or friendships, so it just made sense.

Netflix’s reality hit recently began production on the sixth and seventh seasons.

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Christine Quinn rocks a bathing suit in this photo and shows off some of her figure to social media users.

Christine is of course determined to push forward with her own real estate business.

Alarmingly, she has spoken in the past about her interest in trading real estate using cryptocurrency.

Christian Richard, her husband, is looking into the fashion industry.

Christine Quinn Wedding Photo

In fact, back in June, Christine suggested that she may make a return … as an antagonist.

She teased the idea of a “battle of the brokerages” one day.

The idea would be a rivalry between The Oppenheim Group and her own company.

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“I started my own brokerage a year and a half ago,” Christine noted a few months ago.

“My husband and I started,” she announced.

“So,” Christine explained, “it’s a platform to facilitate home sales through cryptocurrency.”

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Christine Quinn is on board a private jet in this photo of the Selling Sunset star.

Christine then detailed: “and the seller will receive a cash transaction, so it’s like a wire.”

What a bold idea. What next? Trading Lululemon products for cars? (Wait, are we giving anyone ideas? Let’s hope not)

Though Christine’s time on the show is over, we will never forget her five seasons of drama.

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During her tenure on the Netflix series, Christine was nothing if not memorable.

Her penchant for drama and her whole general vibe made her a must-watch personality.

Some people are totally different on reality TV. But Christine’s interviews and social media activity show that she is who she is.

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A lot of people have a lot of different feelings about Christine Quinn. But you certainly can’t fault her for a lack of confidence!

With that in mind, Christine could very well make good on her promise to “always” be on television.

Parting ways with Selling Sunset doesn’t mean that she will fade into obscurity.

And if she does make a comeback, either as an antagonist or by rejoining the cast, many people would tune in to watch.

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That is not to say that Selling Sunset will be bereft and unwatchable without Christine on it. It has always boasted an ensemble cast.

We somehow suspect that none of these chuckleheads are going to have any shortage of storylines or drama.

The only question is how any of them find the time to actually sell real estate. It turns out that it’s kind of hard to focus on work when your life is a spectacle.