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Josh Duggar is a convicted sex offender.

This much we know for certain.

The former TLC reality star was found guilty early last month on two charges of child p0rnography possession, as a jury of Duggar’s peers unanimously agreed he downloaded dozens of sexually graphic videos and photos.

The details truly are disgusting.

However, the judge who presided over Josh’s trial said he won’t officially sentence the father of seven until March or April, stating after the verdict:

“Because of the guilty offenses, he must be detained regardless of flight risk so there will be a mandatory detention.”

This has left many observers with many questions.

To begin: Where is Josh Duggar right now?

He’s behind bars at the Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The convicted felon currently has no cellmate, probably for obvious and good reasons.

Why has he been placed in solitary confinement?

For his own safety, according an insider associated with the jail, because he’s a convicted pedophile and because there’s at least one incident on record at the facility of someone in his similar position being assaulted by other inmates.

In 2013, two men were charged with threatening and raping another inmate, forcing this sex offender to perform a sex act and to drink their urine.

Is Duggar permitted to see anyone at all?

Not really.

According to renowned Duggar blogger Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, Josh is allowed outside of his cell for just one hour each day and is NOT allowed to see any visitors in person.

As previouly reported on this website, however, Anna Duggar has set up a virtual visit with her husband on at least nine occasions to date.

Regarding the oft-speculated conjugal visits with Josh, this information sounds like a resounding no.

Guess seven kids is enough?

How does Anna set up these video calls?

“Based upon the jail rules, Anna had to request the visits 24 hours in advance.

“She then can use a computer and camera outside of the facility. Anna is required to PAY for these visits if she does not drive to the jail,” Katie Joy says.

“Visits can be done for FREE if Anna uses a KIOSK in the main lobby of the detention center.”

Can Duggar bring anything into his cell?

Again… not really.

“Some individuals get limited access to a tablet in their cells,” Katie Joy has written, adding of someone to whom she has spoken:

“The officer was not certain if Josh was allowed a tablet.”

Can Josh communicate at all with his loved ones? Or vice versa?

He can’t just fire up his computer and send a message at least, no.

“Email is not through a personal email. Instead, the jail uses an email communication system specifically for prisons,” explained Katie Joy.

“Mail that is sent to Josh is scanned and can be digitally read through the Kiosks,” she adds.

“Prisoners are not allowed any packages or physical mail in their cells. Josh’s attorneys can mail ‘legal’ paperwork to Josh.”

“This is the only mail that is allowed to enter the facility.”

Will Josh remain at this facility?

Not beyond his sentencing.

Later this year, a judge will determine both where Josh spends his next several years and also for how long.

How long will Josh be in jail?

We can’t say for certain right now. But it’s not going to be a short sentence where he can dream of coming home anytime soon.

According to official legal guidelines, the judge could sentence Duggar two 20 years behind bars on each of his two counts.

Experts, however, believe that it’s more likely Josh is sentenced in two or three months to about a decade of imprisonment.


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