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In December of last year, Isabel and Jacob Roloff welcomed their first child.

Just weeks after Baby Mateo’s birth, his parents are already fending off trolls.

Cruel comments have been sent anonymously to Isabel.

Unfortunately, she’s accustomed to it. On the positive side, she knows how to squash these haters.

Isabel Roloff is not a Little People, Big World star.

She is a Roloff by marriage, having married Jacob. The two were initially high school sweethearts.

Isabel is kind enough to use her public social media to give fans a little access, even if it has its drawbacks.

A cruel troll submitted an accusation during a Q&A.

“I don’t know,” the accusation began.

“But,” the submission continued, “you’re only married to Jacob for the money.”

“You shouldn’t be in the public eye if you won’t show your son,” the troll then accused.

Both parts of that are rude, defamatory, and downright unhinged.

To her credit, Isabel took it all in stride.

Isabel’s reponse included a laughing emoji, tagging Jacob.

“She’s right,” Isabel said with a laugh. “I’m only with you for your millions.”

There are only two types of people who can say that: good-humored millionaires, and people who are not millionaires.

Isabel did take a more serious tone as she continued to reflect upon how people act and why.

“many people’s very natural response is: ‘What is wrong with people?'”

After reading so many “mean comments,” it is only natural to wonder at the cause.

In Isabel’s case, she receives this kind of vitriol “multiple times a day.”

As a result, she admitted that “nothing surprises me anymore.”

It is sad that she has had to make herself numb to this kind of thing, but there is a positive aspect to this story.

“I just like to shine a light on the bad,” Isabel explained.

She takes on this approach “because it is important to remember to be overly kind in your day-to-day lives.”

The purpose for this kindness is “to offset the energy of people like this.”

“The kindness and goodness always outweigh the bad,” Isabel affirmed.

That is an immensely positive outlook, and a solid approach to everyday life.

Whether on social media or in person, being good and being kind actively make the world a better place.

But unlike Isabel, we don’t see this specific type of trolling every single day and are weirded out by it.

They accused her of marrying Jacob for his money and demanded to see her baby.

What gives?

Matt and Amy Roloff are exes, but they are certainly two wealthy individuals.

The Roloffs were already well off before they purchased the farm, due to Matt’s career in tech.

They have now been reality stars for many years, which has both directly and indirectly enriched the family.

Yes, they are rich, in the sense that their net worth is in the millions.

At the same time, their wealth is on par with a successful dentist or a one-hit-wonder musician.

Between that and the fact that their money will likely be split among multiple spouses and siblings, nobody’s striking gold by marrying a Roloff.

None of the Roloff children are independently wealthy.

One can be successful — as an author, as an employee, as an entrepreneur — without being wealthy.

Jacob may one day build up a fortune by managing his share of the family farm, but that’s still a hypothetical scenario.

We cannot for the life of us explain why anyone would demand to see any baby that is not their own.

(Outside of, like, a welfare check of some kind)

None of us have a “right” to see Jacob and Isabel’s child, or any other.

What’s more is that these two are making responsible decisions for their baby that many other public figures fail to.

The occassional family photo is one thing, but there are parents who demolish any semblance of privacy in their children’s lives, plastering everything online.

We applaud Isabel and Jacob for making good choices for their baby, their decisions informed by Jacob’s own experiences with childhood fame.

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