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Farrah Abraham is at it again!

And by “it,” we mean “being completely delusional and not making any sense at all,” of course.

Farrah, bless her heart, is just not good at communicating, and she doesn’t seem to be too great at telling the truth either.

Over the years, she’s gotten worse and worse at expressing herself, and the lies she tells get more and more outrageous.

Remember when she released her sex tape and insisted that it was something private that she’d made for herself and that big-time porn star James Deen, her costar in the film, was actually a boyfriend?

That seems positively quaint compared to the nonsense she’s come out with lately.

Last year, a big thing for her was getting accepted to Harvard — she kept saying that part, but failed to mention that she was taking classes at Harvard’s extension school, which literally anyone can do as long as they can pay for it.

She was taking creative writing courses, but after she was dropped from a class after her professor urged her to withdraw and sign up for a remedial English course instead, she suggested she may move on to law school at Yale instead of pursuing her master’s degree from Harvard.

She actually said that Yale had been interested in her, which is really a very big lie to tell — almost as big as that time she said that she was more successful than Kim Kardashian.

But unlike her desire to become a plastic surgeon — remember when she was on that kick for a hot minute? — it seems like she’s really sticking to the idea that she’s going to become a lawyer.

To celebrate New Year’s, she even shared a video on TikTok of herself lying in the sun in a bikini and winter boots, reviewing notes.

When she posted the video on Instagram, she confirmed that she’s studying law, and she even called herself a “JD student,” which is interesting because it does not sound like a true statement.

We believe she is studying law, as best she can, but that she’s doing it on her own and also not doing it in any kind of real, meaningful way.

But in a reply to a follower’s comment on the post, she went into more detail about what she’s been up to lately.

The comment was from someone “in the legal community” criticizing Farrah for pretending to be in law school, and Farrah didn’t hold back in her response.

She also hasn’t gotten any better at writing, so we’ll just leave her rant as-is and then try to piece it together after, OK?

“I love out of date know-it-alls,” she began. “Last I knew you weren’t winning, fighting, or even capable of understanding my legal battles I’ve won nor your not allowed to work in a office of entertainment or one of the biggest firms for specialized cases.”

“I will say I’ve passed the LSAT, I will say JD law student it is & I will saw the Bar exam for multiple states for me is coming up.”

She continued with “I waste my time on you because you remind me of Harvard instructors who graduated from Law & ask me for help.”


“Watch out because FARRAH ABRAHAM is here baby & I come to slay in court, contracts & rights I’m born with,” she went on. “Keep watching me and I hope you can do law in a bikini too doll!”

“But nothing knew for me just you know I’m getting a top law degree hurts yet there’s worse ppl out there with a Bar / law certificate & no law school & no wins!”

“I pray you never cross me in court you will need prayers. Use law for the right reasons not your hater comment reasons.”

She concluded her message by telling this person to “Kiss my [peach emoji].”

Honestly, a lot of this is really hard to understand, but the gist of it is that she’s a law student and she’s about to take the bar in multiple states, and that she’s so smart that Harvard law professors have been asking her for help.

Respectfully, all of that is garbage.

She said that she passed the LSAT, but it’s not a test that you pass or fail, you just get a score on it.

And if she actually somehow is in law school right now, that would have to be a fairly recent development, and there’s no way she’d have been there long enough to take the bar exam.

If she’s calling herself more of an unofficial law student, if she’s trying to go the Kim K route and become a lawyer without going to law school, she’d still have to have an apprenticeship with an actual lawyer and dedicate several hours a week to that for multiple years before even being able to take the bar.

Because yeah, turns out a bar exam isn’t like a Buzzfeed quiz and you can’t just take it for fun whenever you feel like it.

The idea that Harvard law professors would reach out to Farrah for help is too outrageous to even put into words … but like, we’ve got to mention it again. It’s that goofy.

We have no idea if Farrah genuinely believes any of this, or if she genuinely believes that anyone else will believe it.

Is she just trolling us all? Is she truly this delusional? It’s hard to say.

But man, what a wild ride this is going to be, right?

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