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When Josh Duggar was convicted of sending and receiving child sex materials last month, most of the headlines focused on how much prison time the disgraced reality star might wind up serving.

At his sentencing hearing, which is currently scheduled for April of 2022, Josh could be sent to prison for as long as 20 years.

But that’s not the only punishment that awaits him.

Josh could also be fined up the $250,000 for each count against him, and he’ll likely face several costly lawsuits from the families who were victimized by his crimes.

The financial fallout is probably pretty low on his list of worries right now.

After all, Josh is bracing himself for two decades in federal prison.

But the fines and lawsuits are reportedly of major concern to his father and brothers, several of whom were in business with Josh and are therefore vulnerable to being stripped of millions in assets. 

According to a new report from YouTuber and Duggar blogger Katie Joy, Josh’s brothers are terrified of going broke amid the upcoming flurry of high-profile lawsuits.

(His sisters have not been permitted to take part in the family auto and real estate businesses, so they’re presumably safe.) 

“While Josh Duggar is not listed as an officer anywhere, we identified an ‘anonymous’ LLC Western Ridge Financial,” Joy wrote on her Instagram page last week.

“Anna Duggar is a member of this company.”

“We suspect Josh Duggar was using this as a shield so his name was not on any companies.”

We’ve reported on shady Duggar business deals in the past, and several suspicious moves were made in the weeks leading up to Josh’s incarceration.

Specifically, Anna’s LLC purchased a large plot of land with nothing but a small mobile home on it.

Those who know the family best say that the purchase was almost certainly made using Jim Bob’s money.

They further speculate that the patriarch will develop the land and then split the profits with his daughter.

This enables the father of 19 to hide assets from the government, while also helping Anna provide for her seven children while Josh is locked up.

As for Josh’s brothers, who were also involved in his sketchy wheelings and dealings – well, their financial future is even more uncertain.

“Josh is facing HUGE fines,” Joy wrote over the weekend.

“The reason some of the boys are silent is because of those fines. All of their businesses are connected.”

“My source alleges that a few weeks before the trial the younger boys were speaking loudly about moving money around to hide it from the Feds in the event that Josh is found guilty,” she continued.

Joy went on to allege that several of Josh’s brothers are quite well-off financially — but they fear that their sizable holdings might soon make them targets of the US government.

“Several of the boys have huge bank accounts,” Joy wrote.

“My source alleges that the boys are worried that their assets could be stripped as a part of Josh’s sentence.”

And it’s not just the sons of Jim Bob who are wrapped up in this mess.

Joy alleges that Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband, Austin Forsyth, has worked hard to earn Jim Bob’s approval and grab his share of the Duggar wealth.

Now, it looks as though all of that effort is about to backfire.

“We also uncovered that Austin Forsyth’s businesses are intertwined with the Duggars,” Joy wrote this week.

“He and several of the boys are getting bankrolled by a Louisiana Millionaire [sic] to build homes,” 

“Ross Little, JR [sic] spent over 30 years on the Republican National Committee and served as a parliamentarian for Lafayette for the party,” the reporter continued.

“Little moved to Arkansas and has been helping Austin & Jason flip homes. He’s also joined churches and gotten very close to the Duggars.

“Allegedly hiding assets from the Feds isn’t a good look.”

There have been rumors that Jim Bob’s second-eldest son, John David, was smart enough to steer clear of his family’s ethically dubious business ventures, but Joy says that’s not the case.

“If you were hoping John David ‘didn’t want to be like his brother,’ you would be incorrect,” she wrote.

“John David is listed as an officer of at least two of Josh Duggar’s companies,” Joy continued.

“John David helped facilitate the sale of properties and the transfer of funds to a second LLC this fall.”

Joy went on to allege that all of the eldest Duggar sons are heavily involved in the family’s business ventures — and the brothers may feel that it’s too late for them to get out.

“The reason the boys will never cut ties is that they are in way too deep,” Joy wrote.

“Jeremiah, Jed, Joseph, Jason, and Josiah all own companies that have intermingled and shared business with Josh Duggar. 

As for rumors that some of the boys distanced themselves from Josh following his arrest, a source tells Joy that that’s simply not the case.

“These boys worshipped Josh,” the insider alleged.

“100% not true.”

Sounds like 2022 could wind up being a very costly year for the Duggar boys – in terms of both their finances and their reputations!

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