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It couldn’t be… could it?!?

Over the past several years, celebrity gossip lovers have witnessed one surprise after another from the Duggar family.

Some women have defied their dad and worn pants, for example, while one woman (hi there, Jill!) has broken free from her parents entirely.

Then, of course, Josh went ahead and took things to an entirely different shocking level by getting convicted on two charges of child sex abuse.

And yet: There’s one thing we still have not seen from any Duggars.

Not a single one, as far as we can tell.

No married couple has gotten a divorce.

They never would, right? 

This would go so far beyond the religious guidelines installed by Jim Bob and Michelle that the divorced individual might as well pack his or her bags immediatey and change his or her last name on the spot.

And yet, part two:

Speculation continues to run quite rampant when it comes to Josiah and Lauren Duggar.

The reality stars got married 2018 and are parents to a two-year-old daughter named Bella.

Both halves of this marriage have been missing from social media for close to two years now, though.

The last update from their shared Instagram page is from February 2020, and includes the following photo and following caption, penned by Josiah:

“I can’t believe it’s been two years ago today that I asked Lauren to marry me… you can guess what she said…

“These years have been the best years I’ve had in my whole life.”

Back in June, we also wondered what was going on with Josiah and Lauren because no one had heard from them since Josh got arrested in April.

These spouses are among the small number of Duggars who have NOT issued any sort of public statement about Josiah’s creepy brother.

More recently, meanwhile, Josiah was seen celebrating Christmas with his many, many relatives in a video posted by sister Jana Duggar.

However, Lauren, was noticeably missing from the footage.

Need another reason to keep the rumor mill churning?

A multitude of pictures have been deleted from the TLC couple’s joint Instagram account.

As mentioned above, only six photos remain on this page — and most of them feature Josiah by himself.

Heck, just one of these social media snapshots includes the 25-year old’s wife. Pretty weird, don’t you think?

Of late, fans have jumped on Instagram to share their concern in the comments of several old posts.

“I am so interested to know what’s going on with Josiah and Lauren,” one user wrote, while a second agreed:

“Does anyone know anything about Josiah and Lauren? They haven’t posted in a year.”

They’ve always seemed fairly awkward around each other, too.

Some observers claimed Lauren pulled away from Josiah when he leaned in for a kiss during a 2019 episode of TLC’s Counting while they were setting up their daughter’s nursery prior to her birth.

Others have argued that the duo’s facial expressions and tone with each other hint at tension in their relationship.

“Have you ever seen a wife jerk away more quickly from a kiss with her husband?” one Reddit user asked on a thread about the clip from two years ago.

“Their relationship makes me so uncomfortable. He constantly looks like he can’t stand her,” another person wrote.

We’ll see where everything goes from here.

But let’s be frank, you know?

Even if Lauren acts like she’s sick of being a Duggar, odds say the only place this romance is headed is back to the hospital for Lauren to have another child.

This still is the Duggar family we’re talking about here.

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