The Voice Recap: A Proposal Shocks the Coaches

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The Voice may be in its sixteenth season, but there are still some crazy things going down than feel as fresh as when the series first debuted. 

Monday's fifth night of the Blind Auditions picked up with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend having about half of their teams filled. 

Tiffany and Denton Arnell on The Voice

That meant there was still room for new additions. One man, in particular, pulled quite the trick by announcing he would be proposing to his girlfriend. 

Denton Arnell said that he would be proposing AFTER his audition. He had to get a chair turn first, you guys. 

The 31-year-old Chicago native went with Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home," and it was a robust performance, but we're not sure it was the perfect proposal song. 

John was the only coach to turn his chair, so this could have ended in disaster. In any case, John applauded his voice, saying that it's what sold him. 

Denton Arnell on The Voice

When Denton's girlfriend arrived on stage, he accidentally headbutted her, but she gleefully accepted the proposal. 

It's not often people get engaged on singing competition, but here we are. Given that the other three coaches did not turn their seats around, there's a good chance Denton's plans could have gone awry. 

Of the other strong contenders on Monday's auditions episode, Mikaela Astel, a 14-year-old from Queens struck a chord with the coaches. 

Donning a guitar, she sang to "Electric Love" and hit the audience right in the feels.

“Your tone can’t be taught,” gushed Kelly who was quick to snap the youngster up.

Mikaela Astel on The Voice

There was something about her voice that felt superhuman, and she had a lot of confidence to boot. 

Shawn Sounds was another frontrunner. He went viral last year when a video of himself singing in his classroom hit the internet. 

Yes, he's a teacher, but he has a dream, and he's on The Voice to achieve it. His rendition of "All My Life" immediately got John's attention. 

The good news is that he's officially joining Team John because the coach is going to be able to nurture Shawn to greatness. 

John Legend on The Voice

Then there was Anthony Ortiz. His rendition of "What Makes You Beautiful" was a lackluster attempt to appear hip. 

The most surprising thing about it was that Adam offered him a place on his team. It's almost like the producers urge the coaches to let more marginal performers through so there's more drama at the Battles and beyond. 

Either way, don't expect Anthony to make it far. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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The Voice continues Tuesday, March 12 on NBC. 

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