Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer: It's Here & It's Spectacular

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Well, folks, it's the beginning of the end of an era.

After months of teasers, promotional pics, and other breadcrumbs tossed out to sustain fans through the long winter, the first full trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally here.

Now on the surface, it's more of what we've come to expect from TV's arguably most beloved and inarguably most batsh-t drama.

It's dark (both literally and figuratively -- you're gonna want to turn up the brightness on your monitor for this one); it's got lots of scowling, and dragons, and dour predictions about the hard days ahead.

But two minutes of new footage is the most Game of Thrones we've seen since the Season 7 finale way the frick back in August of 2017.

GoT S8 3

So it should come as no surprise that superfans are already dissecting the new footage for indications of what's to come.

Some say the trailer drops some fascinating hints.

Others maintain it's frustratingly low on new information.

Either way, this thing is downright goosebump-inducing. 

GoT S8 2

For God's sake, it's got Jon Snow approaching one of Dany's dragons looking very much like he's about to ride that fiery beast into battle.

What more could you want?!

We learned this week that GoT Season 8 will feature the longest uninterrupted battle sequence ever filmed for any medium.

You want the folks responsible for that epicness to show their hand a full six weeks before the premiere date?!

GoT S8 4

You might think you do, you sweet summer child, but after eight years of this stuff, we're pretty sure David Benioff and D.B. Weiss get to tell you what you want, thank you very much.

And what you want is Arya whispering vaguely about the many faces of death and shots of Drogon and Rhaegal circling ominously overhead.

This trailer isn't supposed to provide you with full release.

It's supposed to tease you with the prospect of satisfaction and then traumatize you for life, a la Ramsay Bolton and Reek.

Got S8 1

For example, we get a shot of Cersei almost taking a sip of wine after saying something badass, but she never takes the sip!

Wait, why are there tears in her eyes?

Dammit, now we demand answers! We can't wait until April 14!

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