Beth Chapman: I Don't Care If I'm Dying! I'm Still Fighting Crime!

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Earlier this year, Beth Chapman revealed her new wig -- a symbol of her fight for her life against cancer.

The Dog The Bounty Hunter star and wife of the man himself beat cancer once, but her odds are not considered very good right now.

In a new interview, her husband reveals that she has a plan to spend the rest of her life working by his side.

Beth Chapman and Dog

In a tearful interview with DailyMailTV, Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman explains how the love of his life is preparing to die.

"She has told me repeatedly," Chapman reveals. "That if these are her last days on earth she wants to spend every moment with me."

He adds that she wants to spend those days "on the hunt."

That is, in pursuit of fugitives.

Beth wants to spend her time "living life to the fullest."

"And," Chapman adds. "Enjoying the time we have left together."

Dog and Beth Chapman Pic

"The best part of my job," Chapman says. "Is having her by my side on every journey."

Of course.

"I can’t imagine a day without her," he confesses.

That is so heartbreaking.

"And," he continues. "Think deep down inside she is always concerned for my safety."

Chapman explains that Beth has these concerns "because she wants the security of knowing I come home to her every night."

Dog The Bounty Hunter Image

"If this were me," Chapman confesses, speaking of how he would act if he had cancer. "I would be a big sissy."

By context, it is clear that he does not mean that term in a perjorative manner towards any group of people.

"But," he says proudly. "Not Beth."

Speaking of is wife, Chapman says: "She is still hitting the ground running with me."

"Beth is determined cancer won’t slow her down," he praises.

"In fact," Chapman notes. "I am so amazed by Beth’s strength and positive attitude."

Beth Chapman in a Wig

"My baby has cancer," Chapman laments.

But he once again praises her strength and resolve, adding: "and she is fighting like hell."

Chapman himself, despite his tough guy image, is unafraid to admit that this situation has him in real emotional distress.

"I have cried a lot over this," he confesses.

Chapman explains that he is terrified of the worst "because Beth is my everything."

Dog: Bounty Hunter

"Despite all of the obstacles I have overcome," Chapman expresses. "This is by far the biggest test of my life."

"And mark my words," he vows. "I will not let her die."

"She is my rock and my bodyguard," Chapman says, heaping further praises upon his wife.

He concludes by vowing: "I will do everything I can to keep her here."

While we can all hope for the best, we know that sometimes, everything you can isn't enough to change things.

The Chapmans

It doesn't matter you may think of the Chapmans as people or of the archaic laws that still allow bounty hunting.

This isn't about their job or their controversies or politics. This is about Beth's life.

At present, doctors say that she has about a 50% chance of survival against the throat cancer that returned last year.

We wish her a full recovery and we hope that she goes into remission sooner rather than later.

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