Pete Davidson Flirted with Kate Beckinsale After the Golden Globes. Hard.

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It looks like Pete Davidson is doing pretty darn well for himself, following a frightening few weeks there.

According to eyewitnesses at a Golden Globe Awards after-party on Sunday night, the Saturday Night Live cast member and the actress spent quite a bit of time together at the soiree.

kate and pete

Were any numbers exchanged? We don't know.

Any bodily fluids? This also remains unclear.

But E! News reports that Davidson arrived at this Netflix-sponsored event with good friend Machine Gun Kelly.

After briefly speaking with both Beckinsale and the rapper at one point, Davidson allegedly left, went to a different area of the party -- and then returned to get his major flirt on.

The comedian and the actress looked "very cozy" as they sat closely together on a couch outside on a smoking patio for about an hour, writes E! News, elaborating as follows:

"She was very flirty with him and there were definitely some vibes going on. Pete was smiling and laughing with her and she was all about him."

Kate Beckinsale in This Outfit

Beckinsale was also all about the questionable outfit above, but that's a topic for another time we suppose.

This onlooker says that the 25-year old Davidson and the 45-year old Beckinsale (well done, man!) "hugged each other for a minute" before saying their goodbyes, while a second insider makes a point to emphasize;

"They did not go home together."

For whatever it is worth, People Magazine has now corrorborated this report.

Beckinsale swapped spit with British stand-up comic Jack Whitehall in November and was previously linked to funny man Matt Rife. She likes a guy who can make her laugh, we guess.

Pete Davidson with The Finger

Davidson, meanwhile, sky-rocketed to the A-List after getting engaged to Ariana Grande last year.

The stars had only been dating for a few weeks at the time they agreed to marry, ending the engagement (to no one's surprise) after just a couple months.

Not too long afterward, Davidson wrote a disturbing message on Instagram that made it appear as if he was contemplating suicide.

“i really don’t want to be on this earth anymore,” he said in mid-December, adding at the time:

“i’m doing my best to stay here for you but i actually don’t know how much longer i can last. all i’ve ever tried to do was help people. just remember i told you so."

The comedian has a history of Depression and substance abuse, both of which he's been very open about over the years.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

Pete and Ariana: They love burned bright and hard and, alas, temporarily.

Grande reportedly tried to reach out to her ex after this incident, but got rebuffed.

We'd previously heard that Davidson was in a dark place, and we certainly do not want to make light of his situation.

We hope the guy gets all the help he needs and finds a way to be stable and happy again.

But one way to do that if definitely to hook up with a hottie -- and Beckinsale is overqualified in that department.

We wish this potential new couple all the best.

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