Pete Davidson Breaks Down on Stage: My Brain is Mush

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Just days ago, Pete Davidson returned to Saturday Night Live, and he was characteristically good-humored when addressing his mental health.

Unfortunately, after the sudden death of his friend and fellow comedian, he appears to be struggling.

During a stand-up routine this week, he seemed to break down on stage, admitting that his "brain is mush."

Pete Davidson is Back

On Tuesday, January 22, Pete Davidson did stand-up comedy at Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City.

Even as the performance began, he admitted to the audience that he was off his game.

"I’m in a weird mood," Pete confessed.

According to what an eyewitness tells Us Weekly, Pete "looked tired" as he took the stage in a hoodie and sweatpants.

To be fair, perpetually looking tired has become part of Pete's brand, and he has used that to comedic effect on Saturday Night Live.

This time, however, it was no joke.

Pete Davidson with The Finger

Pete began his stand-up with his standard routine.

He touched on standard subjects, like his breakup with former fiancee Ariana Grande, his mental health struggles, and the size of his penis.

But he admitted that he was feeling off.

Pete explained that he was "a bit sad" over the passing of his friend, late comedian Kevin Barnett.

"My head hurts,” Davidson told his audience. “How long have I been up here?"

"Sorry," he apologized. "My brain is mush."

Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett died at just 32 years old while on vacation in Mexico.

Though Kevin's death was confirmed on Tuesday, the day of Pete's stand-up, the cause of death remains unknown.

Kevin was active on social media as recently as Saturday, January 19.

The tragic news came as a heartbreaking shock to his friends and family as well as to his fans.

Pete was clearly reeling from the news.

Pete Davidson at the VMAs

Pete was clearly at the end of his tether as, after continuing his routine, he asked "how much longer" he had on stage.

Folks, Pete Davidson is a professional comedian. This is not typical behavior for him.

Quite frankly, it's worrisome.

He was apologetic to the audience, and told them that they should feel free to "just leave" if they were tired.

We hope that Pete is getting plenty of rest and anything else that he needs.

There is no easy answer when someone is grappling with the loss of a friend. Sometimes, it hits you when you least expect.

Pete Davidson on SNL

Pete has famously used his comedy for good.

For years, he has been outspoken about his mental illness in order to help others know that they are not alone.

More recently, he has taken aim at disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly.

"I thought I was having a bad year," Pete joked, poking fun at how many of R. Kelly's secrets were recently exposed.

"Man, that guy is evil," Pete said, making it clear that he does not pity R. Kelly for his current public relations nightmare.

Pete Davidson Instagram Photo

Pete continued, stating that R. Kelly "should get shot in the f--king face."

We here at THG of course do not condone any illegal violence, no matter what a person may deserve.

Of course, Pete may have been suggesting a lawful execution via firing squad.

Grief hits people hard, and those with mental illness who are already fighting to function may be hit the hardest.

We wish Pete and the rest of those who knew and loved Kevin the best as they grapple with this tragic news.

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