Brittany Bell: Pregnant With Nick Cannon's Baby?!

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It's been over two years since Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey got divorced, and both parties wasted no time in moving on with their love lives.

Mariah got engaged to James Packer, but the relationship imploded before you could say "awful decision."

Cannon has been more about gettin' around than settling down, but if the latest news about his most recent piece is true, he may soon find himself domesticated once again.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell is an actress and former Miss Arizona who's reportedly knocked up with Cannon's baby.

Insiders tell Us Weekly that while Cannon and Bell called off their relationship a few months ago, the baby is definitely Nick's.

Nick and Brittany mostly kept things low-key, but they've been spotted getting close in public on several occasions.

Here they are in January at a party near Bell's hometown:

Brittany Bell Photo

It's one of several indications that Nick and Brittany were fairly serious at one point.

Their breakup was reportedly an amicable one, and sources say Nick has every intention of being a part of the baby's life.

It will reportedly be the first child for Brittany and the third for Nick, who has twins with Mariah.

Speaking of Mariah, there's no word on how she feels about the news that her ex is soon to have another mouth to feed, but given the fact that she hasn't been having the greatest week, we imagine she might be less than thrilled.

Nick Cannon in Grey

As you've probably heard, Carey and Packer broke up recently under mysterious circumstances, and sources say the split continues to be an ugly one.

That's not to say she begrudges Nick his happiness, but ending an engagement and then immediately finding out a different ex got someone pregnant is kind of a one-two gut punch.

On the bright side, insiders say Nick and Mariah have remained friends and continue to put their kids' needs above their own.

"They are in a great place and a real source of support for one another — plus a prime example of what coparents should be," one insider tells Us.

So congrats to Nick and Brittany?

We're gonna wait for a confirmation before we break out the confetti on this one.

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