Nick Cannon Shills For Mariah Carey Album: Diss Track is Not About Me!

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Nick Cannon isn't preparing for war against his former wife Mariah Carey, like many fans might have expected after her new song "Infinity" dropped.

On the contrary, he's cool with it! And then some:

Nick Cannon Pimps Mariah

Reports that Mariah Carey slammed Nick Cannon in the track hit the web hard this week, and it's hard to blame the web in this particular case.

"Infinity" appears, at least upon one's first listen, to put Nick squarely on blast, but Carey's camp says that's not the case, and he believes her.

Clearly there's no beef on Nick's part ... he posted the above photo on Instagram, declaring there's #nohate and telling fans to buy Carey's record.

He even called his ex the #hardestworkingwomaniknow, a testament to how he's trying to keep things between them amicable, no matter what.

As for the track, Carey insiders say it's not a shot at Cannon, but relationships in general and how some women "lose themselves" in men.

Mariah the sources say, has made it clear that the song "not specifically about her relationship with Nick," and at least one lyric does back her up.

The nameless man who doesn't have his own bank doesn't seem to fit Nick, who is by all accounts winning at life, but likely does fit a lot of dudes.

You know, those with no ambition.

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