Mariah Carey: Addicted to Sizzurp?

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It's been about two weeks since we first learned that Nick Cannon filed for divorce from Mariah Carey, and the Elusive Chanteuse has done an admirable job of keeping a low profile ever since.

Reports have indicated that Carey is handling the split well, but now sources are saying that the stress of Mariah's Las Vegas residency and the emotional toll of her divorce are causing the singer to resort to some unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Mariah Carey in DC

Star magazine claims that Mariah turned to the cough syrup-codeine concoction known as "Sizzurp" in order to treat throat problems that were affecting her singing voice.

Now, insiders tell the tabloid that Mariah is hooked on the stuff, to the point that

"Just days after receiving a prescription, Mariah had her people call the doctor to say that she'd lost her prescription," a source says. "The truth is, she'd already drank all the syrup and wanted more."

This isn't the first report of Mariah turning to substances to help her deal with her divorce.

Insiders claimed Carey was drinking heavily in the weeks after she and Cannon first parted ways, and she's displayed some erratic behavior in recent weeks that might be an indication that she's frequently under the influence.

Mariah's Rockefeller Center performance back in December had many wondering if the singer was experiencing problems with her voice or with substance abuse, and now it seems she may have been afflicted with both, and that the two issues may be dangerously linked.

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