Nick Cannon: Bragging About New Girl, Getting Spousal Support From Mariah Carey

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Remember when Nick Cannon said he would "never diss Mariah Carey" in a song? Yeah, it turns out he forgot about that too.

Footage of Nick shooting a video for his newest single at a Hollywood strip club leaked online today, and the lyrics of the song seem to be filled with shots at Mariah:

Not only does Nick boast about banging a "girl named Keisha," he also seems to suggest that he took a big chunk of his ex's fortune when he split from Mariah back in August.

"Hit high notes, n--ga, ask my wife," Cannon raps on the track. "Whoops, I mean ex, I got her checks, blank checks."

Yes, it sounds like Nick's still receiving support from Mariah, which is somewhat surprising.

Sure, she's got more money than he does, but Nick makes a solid income between his music, acting, and hosting gigs.

Plus, there have been near-constant rumors of Cannon cheating on Mariah, and alimony is rarely awarded to spouses who are suspected of infidelity.

Of course, the divorce isn't final yet, and it's possible that Cannon's gravy train will go off the tracks once a judge gets involved, but for now it seems like he's got the best of both worlds - Mariah's money and the freedom of a single man.

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